The Word Speaks

“Worthwhile and Lasting”

God's promises are seldom fulfilled in one big leap or stride!
Little by little; one by one; step by step; day by day!
This is the road to what's worthwhile and lasting: it's God's way!

God, requiring your complete availability that He may share with you of His illimitable resources!
The Lord Jesus Christ is as available to you as His Father was to Him that the world may see Him in terms of your humanity!
Work of eternal value is God's only! As He lives in and through you, the world will see and know the only Life that's worthwhile and lasting: His Life..."eternal value".

Our Lord Jesus said of Himself (John Ch. 5) "The Son can do nothing (originating from) Himself". He was "man in normality" as He intends for us to be: "Divinity in terms of our humanity"!
The LORD gave the Israelites their land yet He said (while it's all yours) you'll have to "occupy the land": a responsibility of obedience through faith.
It also would not come to them "all at once" but there would be dangers in travels; outnumbered and unknown: fearful, often challenged with insecurity yet His Presence always there; not owning but possessing; it was His yet theirs; not buying yet enjoying everything...their inheritance.

History shows His children with little cash in hand yet riches immeasurable in God's bank!
It was HIS "Life through them", not "THEIRS for Him" that stood the test of storms and opposition!

His Life is your inheritance too, through quiet trust in confident obedience.
He's great enough; rich enough; wise enough; strong enough; and more than everything we need to live and give away this Life!

This "little by little" is God's resist the temptations of short cuts, the quick and cheap; good deals and giveaways; the lures which cover all the barbs: the way of the majority, often with less pain but of no lasting value.
Follow Him...yes, you'll be in the minority. You will rediscover Christ as in "losing you will save" though "in saving you will lose". Remember, you cannot lose what you don't own.

Yes, this offer is for you, so stay the course. Set your eyes on Him.
Keep your ear listening and your heart hearing immersed in His Word
He is yours and always: "Worthwhile and Lasting".

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