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Psalt …to taste!
Translitteration but accurate!
Psalm 32
There is a happiness known only to those whose sins are forgiven.
There is a joy known only to those whose faults are accounted for (washed away).
There is a peace known only to those whom the Lord has fully restored. There is a life of freedom known only to those who are fully honest with God.

When I hid from the Lord, my very strength slowly sifted away.
His ever present hand closed in to offer forgiveness or condemnation: my choice.
By trying to turn away I chose condemnation, exhaustion, frustration, Being free from Him, I was enslaved to all else.

I turned back to the Lord whose blood began to wipe away my guilt.
I now confessed with more than words: Repentance!
Then He embraced, restored, renewed.

Inserted:   “Wanting godliness? Turn to God.
                   Seeking Holiness? Seek for the Holy One.
                   Desiring spirituality? Be revived by the Spirit while He’s there!

You, oh LORD, are my only hiding place,
A Tower of protection …even from my self!
You surround me with gentle strength and radiant songs of deliverance.
Teach me. Guide me. Show me
… so I may hunger for You with a renewed mind and spirit instead of being
driven like an animal responding only to base nature and pain.

A painful and pointless life awaits those who opt for God's pointing finger of condemnation instead of His healing hand of favour.

There is happiness and joy and peace and freedom for all
    - who are made righteous by His righteousness,
    - who are made strong by His strength,
    - who live by His Life.

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