Seasonal Support Staff Volunteers'Testimonials

          There are three main things God showed me this summer. First, not to rely too much on my own strength to do the things I want to do, but to rely and listen to God and look forward to what he has prepared for me for each day. Second, I learned how important it is to work as a team and to look after each other during the day, because each individual person can influence the whole team. For me it became a picture of how the body of Christ works (like Romans 12:5). Thirdly I learned to take each day as it comes and to see what God has provided for me.

Carolina Wehen


  Capernwray lifeguard

I have been mowing lawns at Capernwray for the past two summers. During my time serving here, God has taught me that we can do nothing on our own, but that we need to trust in him, and once we surrender, he will renew our strength and do great things through us. In all this he has also showed me that we need to be humble about what we do, because it is not us, but all him.
Robbie Cracknell



When I first started working on the domestic team here at Capernwray , I thought I wouldn't really learn that much. After all, how difficult is it to clean and serve?


Well, only a few weeks later, I met some challenges which the Lord used to teach me lessons about service. I realized how easy it was for me to smile on the outside, but my heart wasn't always matching what I was portraying. Especially when people weren't grateful for the work us D-team girls had done.


The Lord used that to show me the importance of letting Him work through me and serve through me. He also showed me that I often forget to be grateful towards Him for all He does for me and gives me - and yet he still loves me and serves me.


I am so happy I've been able to join the summer seasonal staff - I've learned a lot after all and look forward to what He still has to teach me, one lesson at a time, one day at a time.
Ester Paton



So I have learned so much this summer and have really grown in my walk with the Lord. I am so glad that I led that devotion because it was such a different experience going deep into his word and relating it to modern life instead of just reading it as a surface level story. I will continue doing that.


Being surrounded by Christian people who cared and had good attitudes was a good example to me and it's encouraging to see what God can do in people's lives.


These last six weeks have been amazing and God has really pressed on me what a servant heart looks like and that I need to work on obtaining that and I've been working on it. The Christian fellowship of this sub-culture at Capernwray is important and I wish I could have that atmosphere at school or at soccer.


Teaching a class during one of my Dan Horne weeks was cool. It was stellar and Steph and I did a pretty good job of portraying the outline we'd prepared. Other things God has said:


-think less of myself and be more giving

-think before I talk and make sure it pleases God -show God's glory and be more open about my faith

-I can talk to people about God easier now

-I take my family life for granted

Jenny Navarro



Working in the gardens these last four months was surely a challenge but far more an opportunity to grow in my personal relationship with our Lord Jesus. In gardening you do a lot of the same things everyday - mostly by yourself.


Not to have the right perspective and focus in that can be very easy, but the Lord taught me to be content and I learned a lot about persistence. More that once I had to be reminded that I'm here to serve the Lord, as it says in Col. 3:24, "It is the Lord Christ whom you serve."


But it's not merely just us serving him in our own strength but the Lord is the source of our service. He provided everything I needed this summer and so he does in all our circumstances. His love, his patience, his strength, his humility and his joy!




This summer has been filled with lessons and at times the lessons came with steep learning curves.


I've struggled throughout the summer to let myself be reminded that it's not me that can serve guests day after day, week after week, month after month with a cheerful disposition, and energy to boot.


It's only by the power of Christ living in me and with that the promise that he will live out through me if I yield my will to him.


Knowing without at doubt that God had me serving here this summer is one thing, it's another to wake up daily and walk in that same faith, knowing that today he has you serving with a toilet bowl and brush in hand. James 1:2-3 says, "Consider it all joy, my brethren when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance."


This summer God has tested my faith and then tested my willingness to follow through and walk with that same faith.

Rachel Primmer



Looking back at this summer I have to say that it was full of experiences. Working in a department that deals with the entertainment and teaching of teenagers different age groups requires a lot in many unique ways.


The thing that stands out the most is more so the role that individuals play in that. It was clearly shown to me that people are not what it's all about.


People are people, they make mistakes, they react based on emotions, they disrespect, they are selfish, and that also includes me. The only consistency we can find in Jesus Christ. Therefore it was and is important to scatter the "seed."


Truth is absolute and God's way of communication. Truth changes people, brings people together, but also raises the bar, sets a standard that not everyone is willing to accept. To scatter the seed though, to invest and pour out, is what it comes down to when you are involved in a ministry. And to embrace that requires conscious steps, endurance and a vision.


All of it is found in Christ, and my challenge this summer was to walk in that.

Dan-Broern Spiecker



The main thing I learned while working on the children's ministry team this summer was about teamwork. I really came to realize that we are working together as the body of Christ.


We have each been given our own unique talents and skills which we can use for the benefit of the body. Instead of focusing on others weaknesses, I must focus on their strengths. I cannot accomplish a task without the body and they cannot complete something without me.


I also learned to have joy despite my circumstances because the Lord is my joy. Although my circumstances may change, He never will. Thus, with Christ being my joy, I can have joy regardless of my situation.


Thank you for the privilege and joy to serve on the Kids Ministry Team this summer!


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