Capernwray Support Staff Volunteers

Capernwray Harbour provides exciting volunteer opportunities to students and those interested in becoming a part of the Support Staff Team. A practical, hands-on way to experience the Lord Jesus living His Life in and through His people through service towards others.
Volunteer Staff at Capernwray Bible Centre
Support Staff Volunteers serve in areas such as housekeeping, lawns, gardens, maintenance, office, youth ministry and conferencing. In being fully available to the Lord Jesus, we give Him our eyes to see, hands to serve, feet to go and mouth to speak as the expression of His Life.

Once the Bible School year is completed, Capernwray Harbour host a variety of conferences and retreats from the 2nd week in May right through to the end of August, beginning of September. It is our busiest season on campus and we welcome people to come, volunteer and serve with us during this time period to help meet the needs generated by this season.

Service to the guests who come to Capernwray Harbour for an event, conference or retreat allows them to have a holiday or rest break amidst a beautiful, Christ-centered atmosphere. Guests enjoy being served through the meals, events and facilities Capernwray Harbour provides and Support Staff Volunteers play a vital role in providing these services. Volunteers can anticipate enjoying daily devotional times with full time staff members and the rest of the Support Staff team and there are always a variety of activities to enjoy on the property itself during 'off' hours. Basic living expenses are provided for Support Staff Volunteers inclusive of room & board throughout their time of service.

Capernwray Staff

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What the Support Staff Say...

The Support staff love to relate their experiences about their time at Capernwray .

Laura Wilson, a summer support staff volunteer, explains it this way: "God has reminded me to put all faith in him, even when I have been uncertain about where I will be in the next month, he knows. God has put me with this community of people at Capernwray, and through this God has taught me much, through conversation, events, play time, and daily duties, to love, care, and have faith. In Philippians 4:6-7, we learn not to worry about anything, instead tell God about everything and that God’s peace can never be completely understood."

Join Our Team

If you would like to become a member of the volunteer support staff team, please download the Support Staff Application form below.

For more information please email our Personnel Manager, Elizabeth Joslin, directly at:

Capernwray Harbour Support Staff Volunteer Application

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