Our Team

Serving Together

Chris Fordham
Canadian & Centre Director
Susanne Fordham
Bible School Registrar
Charlie Fordham
Founder & Resident Lecturer
Madison Budd
Childcare & Pump House Assistant
Makenna Budd
Student Ministries & Conference Assistant
Dawson Burdick
Maintenance Assistant
Lynn Cramm
Student Wellness Coordinator
Johnny Cullen Keidann
Maintenance Manager and Teen & Children’s Ministry Coordinator
Ben Ellershaw
Director of Studies
Miriam Ellershaw
Conference Registrar & Outreach Coordinator
Sony Falardeau
IT Administrator
Barry Friesen
Music Ministries & Gardens Landscaping Coordinator
April Galbraith
Media, Travel & Conference Logistics Coordinator
Kevin Galbraith
Financial Manager & Compliance Officer
Sarah Janzen
Bible School Registrar Assistant
Leanne Jeffrey
Accounting Administrator
Ethan Jobes
IT & Maintenance Assistant
Elizabeth Joslin
Personnel Manager
Jaymie Kuipers
Housekeeping Assistant
Abbigail Mackay
Housekeeping Coordinator
Alysha Myers
Kitchen Assistant
Rachel Permana
Pump House Manager
Josh Thiessen
Maintenance Assistant
Jeremy Thudian
Programme Coordinator
Rebekah Thudian
Caleb Waters
Maintenance Assistant

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