Capernwray Harbour Outdoor Education Testimonials


Our grade seven class spent a week at Capernwray Harbour on beautiful Thetis Island.

For many of my students, this was the highlight of their year. One student even wrote that it was the best trip they had ever taken.

The students loved the challenging and team building activities such as the Screamer and the ropes course, and enjoyed interacting with the staff.

They had a lot of fun swimming in the ocean, watching an eagle swoop down and catch a fish, and discovering the amazing creatures of the inter-tidal zone on the beach.

As a teacher, I found the program excellent. The facilities, staff, food, program, and beauty of the surroundings contributed to a great week. We look forward to returning next year.

Jodi Warkentin
Teacher, MEI


The Fraser Academy staff has taken students in grade 10 and 7 to Capernwray Harbour for the past ten years. The students are always a bit leery to leave the comforts of the city and head off into the unknown.

When they get their first sight of Capernwray, from the ferry, they are in awe of the beauty of the camp and surroundings.

Once on the grounds themselves, the students are overjoyed at how many activities are available to them. The screamer, rock climbing wall, tubing, low elements course, team initiatives course and volleyball challenge the students to reach beyond their known capabilities.

The final statement heard from every group the staff has taken to the camp is, "Can't we stay longer?" Capernwray is truly a marvelous experience for any age group, including the staff!

Thank you for all the wonderful memories!

Harold Kruk
Fraser Academy


Capernwray is a highlight for all our students and staff.

In my cottage some of the boys wrote that they had gotten to know people better than they would have guessed before camp.

I was especially thrilled when students shared their hearts for their relationship with God.

Going through the team building initiatives courses as well as the great session times, students overcame many fears and came to a dramatic realization that we do need one another to do well. God has placed us in a family of believers to help us in our struggles.

Capernwray is a fantastic venue for students to reflect and draw closer to God, and Camp Capernwray has proven to be a blessing this year again.

Thank you for all the wonderful memories!

Bert Doerksen
Teacher, MEI (Middle School)


Thank you once again for a wonderful experience on Thetis Island. I always plan this Outdoor Education Field Trip with confidence, knowing that my students will be well-taken care of, loved, well-fed, engaged, entertained, stretched, and challenged.

I have taken students to Capernwray four consecutive years and have been amazed at the planning and implementation that goes into the experience. Your staff is well-trained and professional and it is obvious that they love what they are doing as shown through their interactions with my students.

The staff at Capernwray has consistently gone above and beyond my expectations in their care and interest in my students. The program that you and your staff have put together is very inclusive, challenging for students, and engaging. The focus on working together and finding strengths in each other makes for a very positive experience for all the students.  

The atmosphere at Capernwray is extremely inviting and I felt at home there as soon as I stepped on the island. The accommodations are excellent, well-maintained and very clean. The grounds are immaculate and the addition of a soccer field is a great touch! I am very impressed with the changes and improvements that have taken place over the four years that I have been privileged to come to the island.

I am also very impressed with the variety of activities that you are able to offer and the safety and caution that you take with these activities. The students were given easily-understood and effective instructions before using the kayaks, canoes, climbing tower and screamer.  

As a teacher on this trip, it is a great opportunity to get to know my students outside of the classroom, to see them do thing that they would never have thought possible. I appreciate the planning that you do so that I can simply help with the supervision and enjoy interacting with my students. I find that I learn as much as my students on this trip.

I have no problem investing in a trip that I know without a doubt will be for my Grade 6 students the highlight of their school year, if not their entire primary school experience. Thanks for having us!  

I can't think of any recommendations to improve the experience other than to provide shuttle services between the accommodations and the climbing tower!

I look forward to coming back next year.  

Jeremy Baerg
Lions Gate Christian Academy




On behalf of the Officers and Cadets of 263 Royal Canadian Sea Cadets Corps Beacon Hill, I wish to extend a sincere thank you to the staff of Capernwray Harbour for the Leadership Training Exercise held 10-12 March 2006. The program was greatly appreciated by the corps as it enabled us to further develop the leadership ability of Westshore's youth.


We were impressed to see the level of professionalism exhibited by all the staff. Our cadets clearly received hands-on training related to leadership and teamwork. Of paramount importance was the opportunity to work together to get a better understanding of the concepts of initiative and the realities of group dynamics and communication challenges. The cadets enjoyed their time at Capernwray Harbour and have become better individuals as a result. It was inspiring to participate in the peaceful yet communal atmosphere that is fostered at Capernwray Harbour.


We would especially like to thank our conference facilitators for their efficient and effective deliver of the concepts mentioned above. We found their personal approach to be welcoming and relaxing. Their interest in our program and general demeanor made our brief stay a pleasure. Of special note would be our thanks for the fantastic meals we were able to share.


We hope that the upcoming year brings all that is hoped for. We look forward to working with you in the future.




R. Dube

Lieutenant (Navy)

Commanding Officer

263 Royal Canadian Sea Cadets

  Capernwray Harbour outdoor recreation

We had a great stay at Capernwray last week. Here is some specific feedback.


- Good. Heat was appreciated!
- Clean
- Cozy


- Amazing.
- first two days were better than the last day (but that's just my opinion)


- friendly, helpful, courteous, genuine
- solid faith was evident
It's obvious that you enjoy working with each other


- Solid.
- Meaningful
- Waterfront time was definitely the most enjoyable
- Great variety in activities.

Thanks so much

Ms. Maria Roukema
Fraser Valley Christian High School


Dear Staff,

Thank you so very much for providing our students with such a rich and wonderful experience at your camp last week. The students learned much about working together, "pushing" their limitations and having fun times as well.

Thanks again,

Bernadette Kotai
David Kotai
Forest Park Elementary


  Capernwray Harbour wall climbing
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