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Trust in Him!

“Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD

And whose trust is the LORD.” Jeremiah 17:7

Jeremiah 17 talks about Judah’s sin written down with an iron stylus that had a diamond point engraved upon the tablet of their hearts. This goes to show that their sin was grave and they were so deep in it that it was engraved with the the strongest stylus upon the tablets of their heart. Their sinful lifestyle was now a part of them. The Lord’s anger burned against them. What did Judah do? Why did it cause the Lord’s anger to burn against them? As we read further we see that the Lord says that a man who puts his trust in mankind, who makes his flesh his strength, and whose heart turns away from the Lord are all cursed.

When the heart of man turns away from the Lord, it doesn’t just happen over night. It is a gradual turning away from the Lord. It entails disobedience, self righteousness, trusting his own understanding, not acknowledging the Lord in his ways, and doing things in his own fleshly strength. Why would man want to

disobey the God who created him? I think it's because we stop seeing our need for Jesus. We forget who He is and why we need Him to live His life in and through us. We forget who we are. We were recreated by God in His image to display His glory. We cannot trust ourselves. “The heart is more deceitful than all else and is desperately sick; Who can understand it?” (Jer. 17:9).

Jeremiah goes on to talk about a blessed man being one who trusts in the LORD and whose trust is the LORD. The word trust means 'to put your confidence in', ‘to be secure in’. Furthermore, Jesus is not just someone who we put our trust in - but He is our trust. In Him we can have full confidence, security and can completely rely on who He is. We need Him more than we realize. We need to consciously and decidedly put our trust in Him and make Him our trust - daily - there is no Other. He is the One!

Jeffrey Thudian

Miriam Ellershaw ventured half way across the world to study for 2 years at Capernwray Harbour and is now serving in this same location. She is currently serving as the Office Receptionist. Miriam was born and raised in India but is right at home with all of us Canadian Canucks. Her bright and patient spirit goes a long way as she shares Christ's Life with those she greets and serves. Miriam, married to Ben Ellershaw for nearly five years, has been serving at Capernwray Harbour for about eight years.


Bible School


The students have returned from their Mid Term break and beside the normal classroom teaching they are now beginning their studies into the book of Mark to teach in "small group" contexts called HOME GROUPS in just a couple of weeks. These are an amazing learning experience in groups of around 15 students & staff meeting in Staff Homes.

They are beginning to see that there are NO exceptions to this incredible experience of seeing & hearing from God directly from His Word as that is the primary "Text Book" and the Holy Spirit of God can show them the message of Life through Christ's indwelling power as they open their Bibles and trust Him to teach them of Himself. God delights to do this work! It is the foundation (Jesus says in Matthew 7) to standing strong in every storm! "hearing these Words of Mine AND DOING them...".

The Bible shines a lot of light on our sermons & commentaries!


Itinerant Bible Teaching

Itinerant Bible Teaching

Our mandate is to proclaim Jesus Christ's Risen and Indwelling Life as the Christian Life, from the written Word and from our lives! Not proclaiming a religion but a powerful demonstration of the Holy Spirit of Jesus the Son of God, the Christ, Who not only died for us that we may be redeemed and reconciled to God through His death but that we and countless others will come to the re-discovery of Christ Himself as "Eternal Life".

More opportunities available:


Praise & Prayer

Itinerant Teaching

* South India: Praise God for the safe return of Chris Fordham from Vedanadam Ministries in South India where he was teaching & preaching for a couple of weeks to encourage and train brothers & sisters in Christ through church gatherings, Bible schools and public meetings. Vedanadam, founded & directed by Rejoy & Mini Thudian (students of Capernwray Harbour over 25 years ago), is a Bible School and evangelistic outreach centre (including radio & literature) in direct association of Capernwray Harbour. Stay tuned for a special feature in a following issue of Harbour Happenings.

* Capernwray Harbour: Praise God for one more student who was awaiting her study permit and has now arrived.

* Leadership Training Students: Praise God for the focused time in the Word & through dialogue that these second year students experienced at Mount Washington on Vancouver Island for a few days.

* Staff Wedding: Praise God for the wedding ceremony of Christian & Rachel Zinser, two staff members, that exemplified Christ's gift of love, redemption & faithfulness.

* Student Teaching: Pray for the students' preparations for study projects as they come to God to hear directly from Him through His word.

* Local Outreach: Pray for the Thetis Island community; that those who do not yet know Jesus Christ as their own personal Lord, Saviour & very Life that they would come to know & believe in Him in a deep & personal way.

* Egypt & Israel Trip: Praise God for the overwhelming interest in the Egypt to Israel Trip this March.

* Bible School Lecturers: Pray for the lecturers (both guest & resident) this term as they study God's Word to teach our students.


Upcoming Happenings:

Egypt to Israel - March 2019
Urbana 2018

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