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Learning Obedience

“Just do what I say...” - how often have we said those words to our kids or thought them towards our employees/co-workers either frustrated or angry.

I wonder how many times Jesus is saying it to us but with compassion and love knowing that we miss out as long as we don’t listen to Him or don’t obey what He has already told us.

Our love for Him is expressed in the measure we obey His instructions. Obedience can be hard, it can be exciting, its definitely a challenge to our flesh but rewarding to the Spirit and will bring Glory to God.

Jesus is asking of us nothing else than what He did Himself “…he humbled himself and BECAME OBEDIENT to death…” (Phil 2:8)

Was it exciting for Him? I’m sure there were days when He was excited… like when the Father gave him instructions to turn water into wine, or heal the blind man, or feed 5000 plus people with a few loaves… or the day when He was told by the Father to raise His friend Lazarus from the dead…

But what about the day when He picked His disciples? Judas - really? Or when He was sent to face the Pharisees on numerous occasions only to be scrutinized? Or how about the final week before the crucifixion leading up to His death? I’m sure He struggled. We know He struggled and wanted this cup to be taken away. “…but not my will, but yours be done…” (Luke 22:42)

Jesus lived an exemplary Christian life (because He is Christ) and is asking us to follow His example… not without resources. In John 14 Jesus is promising His Spirit to be with us to teach, remind and empower us.

Are we choosing to live by that Spirit? Are we under His teaching? Has He prompted us to do something? It is so freeing to walk in obedience and show our love to God.

“This is love for God: to obey his commands. And his commands are not burdensome, for everyone born of God overcomes the world." 1John 5:3

Ralf Kempe

Ralf Kempe: Born and raised in East Germany, Ralf Kempe came to Christ in 1992. He attended Schloss Klaus in Austria prior to attending the LTS Programme at Capernwray Harbour and joining the staff team in 2001. Whether supervising maintenance projects or transforming earth and rock into celebrations of God's handiwork, Ralf relies on the Lord's wisdom and strength to share His Life with others in the daily tasks he finds set before him. Ralf is married to Ruth and is the proud father of Anna & Timothy.


Holiday Bible Weeks

Holiday Bible Weeks

These weeks during July and August are filled with Bible teaching for all ages amidst a holiday setting. They are underway and its refreshing to have those eager to be in the Word to be with us over the course of the next 6 weeks.

Its also wonderful to have all ages on the property from infants to those more mature. There is nothing quite like the wonder of children as they explore the Lord's creation at the beach, in the garden or in the forest.  They remind those more mature to once again be awestruck by the beauty, care and love that the Lord Jesus bestows on all of His creation. May we continue to praise Him throughout these weeks as we rediscover Christ as Life both in the classroom and in the outdoors.


Praise & Prayer

Outdoor Education Programme

* Praise the Lord for the weekend church retreats, family reunions and personal getaways that will take place in between the Holiday Bible Week ministry.

* Praise God for the host of volunteers that have joined the Full Time staff in the daily tasks but also in the ministry of serving the guests throughout the summer. The kids ministry volunteers have just arrived.

* Praise God that He is the One who leads, refreshes, protects and comforts us.

*Praise God for the upcoming ministry "Just for the Men" this August during the Men's Conference.

* Pray for the preparations of the upcoming Bible School

* Pray for the upcoming Mid Summer Breakaway, that youth leaders would seize the opportunity to come away with their youth for training in discipleship, both for the youth leaders and the youth.


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