Psalm 34

This is a Psalm written by David when he disguised himself as an insane person before the King of Gath in order to escape. It's a song of praise to the LORD for all His kindness, care, protection and goodness. David was a man who feared God, revered God, and lived in a state of protective blessing because of that relationship. The rewards are many when we put our complete trust in the LORD for every detail and aspect

Psalm 34:14

of our lives. He is the perfect Father and because of that He will never deny His kids anything good. Although this life was never promised to us as easy or perfect (verse 19), God's hand is over every fragment, facet, and situation. David has tasted and seen these things, and he wants his readers to share in this extraordinary life! Yes, there is evil in this world but God will "cut off the memory of them from this earth" (verse 16) and "redeem the soul of His servants" (verse 22) Verse 13 and 14 say: "Keep your tongue from evil, And your lips from speaking deceit.

Depart from evil and do good; Seek peace and pursue it." It is a command to pursue peace, peace with all people, brothers, sisters, parents, children, spouses, co-workers, etc. And by seeking this peace you will be a light and testimony to others. Pursue is not a one stop shop, it's a continues journey; pursuing also takes effort and is not something that just happens all on its own, pursing peace with others is continuous and full of active effort but thank God for His help, we don't have to do it alone! Pursue Peace!

Rebekah Penner

Rebekah Penner: Giving practical life training to Bible School students as well as to Summer Conferencing Volunteers at Capernwray Harbour, Rebekah is always ...and in many ways... encouraging them in their walk with the Lord Jesus! These are essential and effective components of Rebekah's ministry here at the centre, serving as Housekeeping Coordinator. Her hometown is Winkler MB where she is currently recovering from an injury sustained while traveling this winter.


Bible School

India Ministry Team

The reports of the Spring Break ministries have been incredible testimonies of the mutual encouragement among believers and of Christ's enabling, sufficiency and indwelling life.

Whether it was traveling on a team of 14 led by Home Staff from Capernwray Harbour to share Christ in many diverse cultures and language areas of India, to the inner city of Seattle, being on the road ministry team across southern British Columbia, Washington State and Northern Oregon State opening the Word to proclaim Christ in churches and in other groups or serving the Lord in ministry to Conference Guests right here at Capernwray Harbour home base, the Lord Jesus was faithful in all the ways one would expect and more. One of the videos of these ministry trips is included for your enjoyment and encouragement.

Spring Break Ministry Trip to Seattle WA 2018

The students that join us for the one year Bible School course Sep to May who are able to participate in these Spring Break ministry trips experience a "forever transformation opportunity" by not only studying the Word together in Bible School but then travelling afar to share the message of His saving Life ... putting into practice what they've been studying and learning but now in a very and practical way. The Lord Jesus shows up in every way possible to train each one in His ways as they trust in Him. Its an honour, as staff, to witness such growth.

Youth Retreat 2018

The students are also presently preparing for the annual Youth Retreat Apr. 20-22 ...for which they have the opportunity to invite guests to an evangelistic weekend that has been planned by the 2nd year students (Leadership Training programme). They pitch in together to not only plan and invite people from all over the place to come for the weekend but also to pay for their fees in many or most cases! This weekend is always a highlight for the student body as its the culmination of the Bible School year. In each detail of the weekend the focus remains on the character of Jesus Christ and this year's theme verse is "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you." John 14:27. The student body comes together to host the guests and with minds and hearts set on Jesus Christ harmony and unity prevail.


Prayer & Praise


* Pray for the Youth Retreat coming up April 20-22

* Pray for the presentations of the final study projects on the Names of God this week. Every student in about 10 staff home groups gives a 20-30 minute study presentation on the Character of God as revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord and Life! This is happening this week ...right NOW.

* Pray that God would stir up and confirm to more hearts to apply to volunteer over the summer months especially on the housekeeping team.

* Pray for the ongoing teaching from the Word in the classroom. Books still to be taught before the end of this year's course are: 2 Corinthians, Philemon & Titus, 2 & 3 John, 1 & 2 Thessalonians, Galatians and Matthew 5-7.

* Praise the Lord for those who have already been accepted into the Bible School class of 2018/2019

* Praise the Lord for the safe return of students & staff from the Spring Break Ministry Trips.

* Praise God for the exposure the student body has had to Eastern Religions for the purpose of understanding and evangelism.


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