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Volunteer OpportunitiesVolunteer Opportunities

How exciting it is to see opportunities open up to share our personal relationship and faith, and to serve others in the Love of Christ!

Thetis Island Ferry Cam

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Another way to partner with us in our ongoing investment in peoples' lives through ministry of the Word, and our commitment to body, soul and spirit...

The Perfect FAMILY Summer Vacation!

Registration Begins Jan. 18

Holiday Bible Weeks 2017HOLIDAY BIBLE WEEKS are the PERFECT opportunity to take in Christ-centered, practical BIBLE teaching & encouragement amidst a stunning island-holiday setting. 6 Weeks to choose from in July& August. Programming for ALL ages. We take care of ALL the details so you can focus on being refreshed & renewed in spirit, soul & body while spending precious , memory-filled time with loved ones in our wholesome, family-oriented facilities.

A week to be remembered, a vacation with purpose, and a holiday that could impact your

family for a lifetime.


Holiday Bible Week VideoRegister for Holiday Bible Weeks starting Jan. 18 @ 8:30am PST



Holiday Bible Weeks 2017 Details:


GabizonWeek 1: July 2 - 7

Guest Lecturers: Jacques & Sharon Gabizon


Topic/Bible Book: The Gospel of John

John in Hebrew means God is gracious, and what a gift of grace this gospel is! Wonderful truths will be uncovered concerning the ways & character of God. John brings us to eternity past when the Word was with God, and the Word was God and became flesh: Jesus the Christ. Even at the very beginning, His essence, His love was made visible. This marvelous revelation progresses over time and through prophets such as Daniel that He comes down, but not for Himself (Dan. 9:26) but for everyone. He lived as we do, but perfectly so, and then dies a cruel death and resurrects for our salvation; a true love story from beginning to end.


Clayton DouganWeek 2: July 9 - 14

Guest Lecturer: Clayton Dougan


Topic/Bible Book: Life of David - God's Man (in the books of 1 & 2 Samuel)

Described as "the man after God's own heart", David was also a man with highs and lows in his life. We easily identify with this biblical King but more is to be learned by focusing on God whose man David was. As Clayton leads us through the books of Samuel, we will discover what it means to encourage one another in who God is in all the times of life.


Chris ThomasWeek 3: July 16 - 21

Guest Lecturer: Chris Thomas


Topic/Bible Book: Joshua - Into the Unknown

After plodding through the wilderness for 40 long years, the Children of Israel are now at last going to enter the promised land of opportunity and challenge! What has been "taught in the wilderness classroom" must now "be applied across the river" in the land of abundance: a real and new world but infested with idolatry, temptation & fear. Victory must be secured through faith in Him, their keeping God. Peace would be established by resting in Him. From their experience, we also must learn in our ‘worlds of adventure'.


Matt McLeanWeek 4: July 23 - 28

Guest Lecturer: Matthew McLean


Topic/Bible Book: Daniel - God's Man

As we study Daniel's life, we are forced to conclude that there is a strength and courage he drew upon daily that was not of himself but of God. From Palaces to prisons, God's Life and Character are clearly seen in and through Daniel. This amazing ancient story reveals a modern context for us to see the same Life, strength and courage lived out through our experience - if we also choose to depend on Him.


Sue GilmoreWeek 5: July 30 - Aug 4

Guest Lecturer: Sue Gilmore


Topic/Bible Book: Men & Women of God - Genesis

Genesis is not only the first Bible book but also a foundational one with many biblical truths being found throughout. We will see God, who was, is and will be through the lives of people such as Eve, Abraham & Jacob. In the amazing stories of Genesis, God is revealed as powerful, and good and seeks to communicate with us personally.


Richard DahlstromWeek 6: Aug 6 - 11

Guest Lecturer: Richard Dahlstrom


Topic/Bible Book: Hebrews - Maturing in an Age of Arrested Development

In an age where people are increasingly polarized and divided by economics, ethics, and politics, it's comforting to know that Christ remains as the single unifying reality in the universe! However more than being just comforted by this, we must learn to exemplify this truth by maturing our devotion to Christ. The hope found in Him, then, can be seen with greater clarity in our living: in the home, families, churches and public life. Hebrews offers concrete as well as practical steps we can take to move toward much needed maturity.


For more details & to print your registration form visit CAPERNWRAY.CA



Spring Ladies Conference Weekends

Registration Begins Jan. 25


Ladies Conference 2017With two weekends to choose from: May 26-28 or June 2-4, Ladies Conference 2017 is a weekend of personal retreat, refreshment & renewal for all women!

Dear sister & friend, are you feeling weary and worn? Have the daily pressures of day-to-day life left you wanting inner refreshment and restoration? Perhaps it's time to retreat, re-charge and renew? A weekend away has been designed for you to do just that. The Staff Ladies invite you to come and spend focused time in God's Word, be quiet in Christ's Presence and enjoy being a little spoiled too.

Conference Speaker: Sharon Gabizon

Sharon GabizonSharon grew up in a predominately Jewish neighbourhood in Montreal, Quebec. She learned to read, write and speak in English, French, Yiddish and Hebrew at the Jewish day school she attended. Eight years after marrying her husband Jacques, a messianic Jew, the Holy Spirit drew Sharon to Himself through radio broadcasts. She came to know and confess Jesus Christ as Messiah, her Lord and Saviour. Today, Sharon & Jacques serve the Beth Ariel Congregation in Montreal and lead Ariel Ministries Canada, whose purpose is to facilitate the ongoing work of evangelism and discipleship in Canada focused primarily towards those of the Jewish faith.


Conference Topic: Women in Scripture — Our Role in His-Story
Tea PartyAs we walk through the Old & New Testaments of Scripture, we can identify with the pressures and expectations placed on us by society as women that need to be adjusted in order for God's design for women to be clearly seen.

On the stage of Bible history, God has been sure to let audiences see women in unique and ever-changing roles, allowing one to go from being a childless virgin to the earthly mother of Jesus, KayakMessiah, the Son of God. Let us discover together in this study some of these wise and courageous women and rejoice in the fact that God truly sees us, knows us and delights to use us in His-Story and for His glory.

"Behold, the eye of the LORD is on those who fear Him, on those who hope for His lovingkindness, to deliver their soul from death and to keep them alive in famine. Our soul waits for the LORD; He is our help and our shield. For our heart rejoices in Him, because we trust in His holy name." Psalm 33:18 - 21

Register for Ladies Conference starting Jan. 25 @ 8:30am PST

For more details & to print your registration form visit CAPERNWRAY.CA >>


Bible School Happenings


It is with great joy and anticipation that we gather together as staff and students for this next term of Bible School.


Join us in praying over this next term:

Pond- Transition of two new students who have arrived to join the current student body.
- The Word being taught in the classroom. Books studied this term are: Ezra, Nehemiah, Proverbs, Minor Prophets, I Timothy, II Corinthians, Hosea, Ezekial, Malachi, Philippians, Daniel, Esther, Revelation and Judges.
- Study Project presentation preparations

- Registration of Ladies Conference & Holiday Bible Weeks
- March Break Ministry opportunities are signed up for and preparations begin.
- Ministry in the local churches through testimonies, music and teaching.
- Students & Staff travel to Missions Fest Vancouver to volunteer
Ministry through Missions Conferences. Barry Friesen at Mission Connexion in Portland OR USA, Johnny Cullen Keidann & Leanne Jeffrey at Breakforth in Edmonton AB, Barry Friesen at MissionFest Manitoba in Winnipeg MB, Chris Fordham at MissionsFest Alberta in Edmonton AB, Ruth Kempe & Leanne Jeffrey at SHBE in Regina SK. Please visit them at the Capernwray booth if you're in any of the areas.

Please contact our office by email, phone or Facebook if there's anything that we too could consider before the Lord in prayer on your behalf.

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