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Volunteer OpportunitiesVolunteer Opportunities

How exciting it is to see opportunities open up to share our personal relationship and faith, and to serve others in the Love of Christ!

Thetis Island Ferry Cam

Canada HelpsPlanned Giving

Another way to partner with us in our ongoing investment in peoples' lives through ministry of the Word, and our commitment to body, soul and spirit...

Bible School Happenings

The last few weeks have been full of student activities as this years' class begins to understand what it means to walk by faith applying what they've learned in the classroom in their daily lives.

Outreaches to the greater community is just one activity Community Helpthat's underway and the students who have chosen to participate in these organized outreaches have been blessed by giving of their time, energy and resources. Some of these outreaches include a ministry to the residents of Thetis Island (helping with practical labour), multiple children's ministries in schools, music ministries at various churches on Vancouver Island, Inner City Ministries in downtown Victoria and visiting Seniors. Please pray that there will be continual joy in the students' hearts as they are available to Christ Jesus in these ways.

LTS Field TripThe Leadership Training Students (2nd Year's) spent five days away at Mount Washington, north of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. This retreat time away alone with a couple Leading Staff was a very refreshing time for them as they studied the book of 2 Timothy together. It was a time of reflection as each took time to look back on the previous few weeks giving praise to the Lord Jesus for all He has been doing in their personal lives and in the lives of the first year students during the first term. Studying 2 Timothy emphasized both "their need AND their blessing" in dependence on Christ Jesus plus the fullness and complete capacity that only He can provide during times of trials or testing.
It is through these hardships that the 2nd Year Students will learn to endure through all things for the sake of those who are watching their lives and to receive the promises that the Lord Jesus has for them as they trust Him through "active" faith.
Please pray that they will diligently seek to give themselves up for others in this way in the days, weeks and years ahead!

The students have also begun their studies into the book of Mark to present in "small group" contexts called HOME GROUPS. These are an amazing "learning" experience in groups of 12 each group in a Staff Home.
BibleThey are beginning to see that there are NO exceptions to this incredible experience of seeing and hearing from God directly from His Word as that is the only "Text Book" and the Holy Spirit of God can show them the message of Life through Christ's indwelling power as they open their Bibles and trust Him to teach them of Himself. God delights to do this work! It is the foundation (Jesus says in Matthew 7) to standing strong in every storm! "hearing these Words of Mine AND DOING them...".
The Bible shines a lot of light on the commentaries!
- This is an exciting time for them as maybe for the first time ever they study the Word to know Him ...not "just" to teach the scripture! However, the productive part about each one "teaching" that it tends to cement the study in their minds and hearts too!
As a staff body we constantly pray that each one will come to a deeper and more intimate, living knowledge of Christ's Life as He wants and wills to live IN and THROUGH each one ... transforming their lives in the whole process!
Its amazing that by His great favour He longs for us to experience Him in this way!

Itinerant Bible Teaching

Travelling with Eternal Purpose

Itinerant Bible TeachingOur mandate is to proclaim Jesus Christ's Risen and Indwelling Life as the Christian Life ...from the written Word and from our lives! Not proclaiming a religion but a powerful demonstration of the Holy Spirit of Jesus the Son of God, the Christ, Who not only died for us that we may be redeemed and reconciled to God through His death but that we and countless others will come to the re-discovery of Christ Himself as "Eternal Life".

Members of our Staff Team, often accompanied by a Music Team of Students, travel often (by invitation) to various churches, organizations, and ministries to open God's Word and preach Christ.

If you'd like our staff to visit you please contact our office: (250) 246-9440 or Toll-free from Canada or the USA 1-888-224-5681

IndiaCharlie Fordham just returned from an extended time of ministry in South India.  Travelling to encourage and train brothers & sisters in Christ through church gatherings, bible schools and public meetings (where Hindus & Muslims were also present).  Anointed by the Lord Jesus Christ to teach and preach from the Word, often through translation, hundreds of people heard about the Transforming, Indwelling Life of Christ through him.

Intinerant Bible TeachingA group of staff and past students will also be travelling to Kerala in South India this holiday season and during the Bible School's spring break.  Please pray that the Lord Jesus will mightily be proclaimed and received by all whom hear and witness His Life through each one.

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