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Volunteer OpportunitiesVolunteer Opportunities

How exciting it is to see opportunities open up to share our personal relationship and faith, and to serve others in the Love of Christ!

Thetis Island Ferry Cam

Canada HelpsPlanned Giving

Another way to partner with us in our ongoing investment in peoples' lives through ministry of the Word, and our commitment to body, soul and spirit...

Learning to Fear No Evil

Ladies Conference Weekends & Spring Luncheon

Ladies Conference Video SnapshotKnowing the presence of the Lord Jesus in our lives gives us reason to Fear No Evil for He is with us!  What wonderful news for all those who believe in Him.  This theme of the Ladies Conference Weekends and Spring Luncheon, as Bonnie Thomas taught on the fears of several women of the Bible and how the Lord Jesus was all that they needed to overcome the fears of failure, insecurity, adversity, success and insignificance as they Ladies Spring Luncheontrusted in Him, was exactly what the women who attended needed to hear. The Lord Jesus Christ can be fully trusted in all aspects of life no matter what the fear is because He is with us at any age and every circumstance.

Ladies Conference ScreamerBesides the practical bible teaching there were elegant meals, parklands and recreation to enjoy.  The optional Screamer activity was a highlight for many! What was taught in the classroom was lived out as women set aside their fears and trusted the qualified staff and equipment to climb a 40' pole to jump to a trapeze 6' away!

How much more is the Creator of the Universe trustworthy?!

Be sure to join us for Spring Ladies Conference 2014! Registration begins in January.


Mid Summer Breakaway
Youth Group Retreat
Speaker: Zane Black

August 2 -4:

MSBThroughout this weekend's activities and games, combined with solid teaching / discussion times from and in God's Word, the intention is that this would be a refreshing time of encouragement and growth for each individual and Youth Group as God makes Himself known to all.

This weekend is designed for Youth Leaders to invite a hand-selected group of youth (small or large) for a time of focus or re-focus during the summer.

MSBDo you want to know Him who died & rose again so you might have LIFE & an extraordinary one at that?
Do you want others to come to know the SAVIOUR and be saved?
If YES, then this weekend has a word for you... JESUS!
Jesus said, 'I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly'.

What's included?
The weekend includes all meals, accommodation for two nights (bedding included), and recreational programmes.


To inquire email Chris F >>

Men's Retreat Weekend
Speaker: Clayton Dougan

August 23 - 25:

A weekend getaway for men from all walks of life coming together to take in Christ-centered, practical Bible teaching.

MCWThe little book of Philemon in the New Testament breathes "relational reality". We meet three men of very different temperament and life experiences. What they have in common is that each has met the Regenerator, Jesus Christ. He turns conflict & chaos into unity & harmony. Together we too will learn how Christ can drive our relational complications in a completely new, hope filled direction in which He is found to be the source & substance of Resurrection Life for each one.

MCWIn the Men's Conference weekend you will be served up a delectable, generous menu with BBQ features, and 2 night's accommodation (bedding provided).

There will be action time or quiet time in our splendour of the Great Outdoors with ocean kayaking, beach volleyball, climbing & rappelling, water sports as well as tranquil forest walks.


More info about Men's Conference >>

A Week for Grown-Ups!

Holiday Bible Week #7

Speaker: Stephen Thiessen

August 18 - 23:

Our Holiday Bible Week just for "Grown-Ups" is the ideal retreat for any individual or group of friends to take in Bible teaching. Amidst a peaceful summer holiday setting your focus will be directed to Jesus Christ as Stephen Thiessen opens the Word through the books of 1 & 2 Thessalonians.

Topic: Letters to the Thessalonians
HBW #7Looking back at God's faithfulness in their progress through intense persecution as also looking forward in assured hope of Christ's return! He will take His children to be with Him forever!
We need to live in the light of the fact that He will return!
He gives assurance as we forge forward relying on Him to fulfill His sure plan in our lives today as also for the future! He is coming. He is reliable. His instruction is clear. His indwelling Life is all-sufficient!

HBW #7As a Guest you will enjoy a holiday like no other as you experience Christ-centered devotionals & teaching from resident teachers; a myriad of recreational activity options & special events; a palate-pleasing menu as well, and comfortable accommodations all set in excellently maintained parkland and gardens. The Capernwray Harbour Staff aims to impart a quality of service in which all guests will come to know Jesus Christ as Saviour, Lord & Life. We welcome you!

Download the Registration Form Here >>

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