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Holiday Bible Weeks

Mid Summer Breakaway

Men's Conference 2012

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How exciting it is to see opportunities open up to share our personal relationship and faith, and to serve others in the Love of Christ!

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Another way to partner with us in our ongoing investment in peoples' lives through ministry of the Word, and our commitment to body, soul and spirit...

Mid Summer Breakaway
Youth Group Retreat

Speaker: Stephen Thiessen


August 3 - 5:   Throughout this weekend's activities and games, combined with solid teaching / discussion times from and in God's Word, it is our intention that this would be a refreshing time of encouragement and growth for each individual and Youth Group as God makes Himself known to all.

ScreamerThis year’s teaching and discussion will be centered around God’s plan for us and the profound contrast that exists between a life lived for God and “in our own control” and a life lived “in Him”, fully submitted to His will. What must we believe about ourselves to assume control? What must we believe about God to relinquish control?

Over the course of this weekend it will be our aim to draw closer to our loving heavenly Father and to Mid Summer Breakawaydiscover His purpose for our lives as He has gone before us to prepare a way (a better way) and has good things in store for those who know Him and trust Him. Out of Control....Or in His Hands?

The weekend includes all meals (Friday supper to Sunday lunch), 2 night's accommodation (including bedding) plus recreational programming such as water skiing, climbing tower, kayaking, ropes course & more!


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Holiday Bible Week #7

A Week for Grown-Ups!

Speaker: Richard Dahlstrom

GardensAugust 19 - 24:  Our Holiday Bible Week just for "Grown-Ups" is the ideal retreat for any individual or group of friends to take in Bible teaching. Amidst a peaceful summer holiday setting your focus will be directed to Jesus Christ as Richard Dahlstrom "opens Richard Dahlstromthe Word" through Joel, Amos, Micah, Hosea & Haggai.

A world of economic and cultural crises is filled with fear, greed, and cynicism. But of course, none of this is new, and God's word to us, spoken through the minor prophets, offer the kind of wisdom that enables us to not merely survive, but thrive, right in the midst of the mess. As always, the solution is a matter of embracing God's perspective and priorities, which is exactly what we'll ponder together as we look at Joel, Amos, Micah, Hosea & Haggai.

As a Guest you will enjoy a holiday like no other as you Watersportsexperience Christ-centered devotionals & teaching from guest & resident teachers; a myriad of recreational activity options & special events; a palate-pleasing menu as well, and comfortable accommodations all set in excellently maintained parkland and gardens. The Capernwray Harbour Staff aims to impart a quality of service in which all guests will come to know Jesus Christ as Saviour, Lord & Life. We welcome you!


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Men's Retreat Weekend

Speaker: Richard Dahlstrom

mealAugust 24 - 26A weekend getaway for men from all walks of life coming together to take in Christ-centered, practical Bible teaching. While studying "II Timothy" your hearts will be challenged Climbing Towerand minds inspired to know how to receive the torch of faith, fan it into flame, and pass it on to new generations as Paul trained up Timothy.

In the Men's Conference weekend you will be served up a delectable, generous menu with BBQ features, and 2 night's accommodation (bedding provided).

There will be action time or quiet time in our splendour of the Great Outdoors with ocean kayaking, beach volleyball, climbing & rappelling, water sports ...besides tranquil forest walks.


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