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Spring Break Ministries

The Bible School students have returned from their Spring Break.

A big THANK YOU to all who made time to pray for both the ministry outreach teams as well as for those of us who hosted and ministered to about 300 guests at Capernwray Harbour during the Bible School break time!

Each morning in the classroom, we have been truly enriched in hearing all the wonderful reports of God's work in and through the lives of so many students who have spent the time and money to minister in countless ways to many different people on different parts of the globe ...during the time they could have just as easily gone somewhere to relax.

Although for some the context was more dramatic than for others, the Lord was as dynamic in each case as they made themselves available to do and say what He wished to do and say ...magnifying Christ in His unique ways!


Capernwray Harbour / The Homestead Retreat Centre:
CHBC Support Volunteers

These 2 Ministry Teams experienced God in similar ways as they served in seemingly mundane and routine tasks. Spring cleaning, housekeeping, dishes and yard work kept these teams busy but in it all our Lord Jesus was at work. Eyes, ears and hearts watching in anticipation for what the Lord would do stirred within them thankful hearts producing joy in all things.

The Capernwray Harbour Conference Team effectively led and trained many youth through the various courses of what we dub "Outdoor Education" which it really is ...but the guests come away not only with life skills on an individual basis but on "group skills"!

It truly was a joy to serve the Lord in serving the guests by sharing Christ with them.


Capernwray Harbour Ministry Tour:

CHBC Ministry Tour TeamThe Capernwray Harbour Ministry Tour which stretched across Northern WA USA and throughout the Interior and West Coast of BC was a wonderful time of seeing the Lord's Work and provision through each stop along the way.  On days where there wasn't a planned stop the group volunteered for different organizations. The team was encouraged by the Church Body and were blessed to minister to each one through song, word and deed.


UGM's Women & Children's Shelter

(Seattle WA USA):
Hope PlaceThis trip was a humbling experience for each member of the team as they served wholeheartedly in all that was asked of them. During the down times or monotonous tasks serving with joyful hearts was a loud and clear testimony of the faithfulness of Christ and His work in their hearts. Each one was blessed by the connections and conversations with the many guests and families at Union Gospel Mission's Women & Children's Shelter. Overall the trip was an eye-opening experience of life in the inner-city and of those less fortunate.



Jamaica Ministry TeamThe two weeks that this group spent in Jamaica was great exposure to Christ's Church Body in a different culture.  Hard work and long days provided new homes for a couple of families which truly was a blessing to those who received them.  What a privilege to give of themselves to serving the Church in Jamaica.


South India:
India Team One great God, two weeks in India, twenty one team members, and numerous opportunities to share Christ - what a Spring Break Trip!

Praise God for a great team of students, journeying mercies, relatively good health, and many amazing opportunities to share the good news of Life in Jesus Christ.

As with most short-term trips, the Team was deeply impacted and perhaps learned more from those they went to serve than what they imparted to them.

What is sure, they enjoyed great fellowship with the brothers and sisters in India while experiencing "Kingdom Culture" - anticipating the glorious vision in the book of Revelation: Jesus Christ has purchased people from every tribe, nation, and tongue to worship and know Him forever!

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