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Men's Conference 2011

Holiday Bible Weeks - Summer 2011

Mid Summer Breakaway

Bible School Application

Volunteer OpportunitiesVolunteer Opportunities

How exciting it is to see opportunities open up to share our personal relationship and faith, and to serve others in the Love of Christ!

Thetis Island Ferry Cam

Canada HelpsPlanned Giving

Another way to partner with us in our ongoing investment in peoples' lives through ministry of the Word, and our commitment to body, soul and spirit...

Hearts of Gratitude & Praise

The whole property was a "buzz" this morning as preparations Baptismwere underway for the baptism and Commencement celebrations.  Our hearts were filled with gratitude and praise to the Lord Jesus Christ for all that He has done in the hearts, minds and lives of this year's Bible School Class.  Today more than 200 guests of family & friends joined us (students & staff) in celebration of the completion of the 2010/11 Bible School year.

Over these past six weeks of the Spring Term of Bible School the Student Body has been united together not only through the study of the Word and through various outreaches but also as they've experienced Temple Tours (weekends in Richmond BC and area to witness and learn Director Addressing the Studentsabout various Eastern Religions) which always solidifies and makes evident that Jesus Christ is truly the Way, the Truth and the Life.  They've also worked alongside one another under the leadership of the LTS to put together a Youth Retreat which is evangelistic in nature; used by the Lord Jesus to open the hearts and minds of both students and guests to enter into a personal relationship with Him.  The Youth Retreat is a highlight every year as the Student Body really learns what it means to serve one another wholeheartedly.

And now, commencement day has come and gone and there is Buffet-Main Marqueemuch to give thanks for.  As a staff body, it is our joy and privilege to be apart of the training of these young men & women for Full Time Christian Service regardless of occupation as they'll continue to scatter the world tomorrow.  We entrust them to the Lord Jesus as we've sought to do all year and will continue to uphold them in prayer in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

Praise the Lord!

"So then,

just as

you received

Christ Jesus as Lord,


rooted and built up in Him,

strengthened in the faith

as you were taught and

overflowing with thankfulness."

Colossians 2:6&7

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A New Season

We look forward to the "Conference Season” ahead of us, knowing that all whom God will send here in the many groups will be “lives in need of Christ” … in one way or another.
What a thrilling privilege to be part of what He is doing in such a significant way!

We are also grateful for those who will assist in the summer ministries. Joining us are about 20 Volunteer Support Staff, most of whom have been students here in the Bible School.

Through May and June the wonder and glory of God will be clearly seen and known!
The "outdoor classroom" will be a key venue in which youth will hear the Gospel through the many activities around the property of Capernwray Harbour!

Please pray with us that the Lord Jesus Christ would be evident to all …through the powerful work of the Holy Spirit of God in every aspect of the ministry!

Now that the longer routines of Bible School training is over for this year, there are several thousand guests registered already to be here over the coming summer months, including the next season also of the July and August months of Holiday Bible Weeks geared to adults …and families too!

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