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Volunteer Opportunities

How exciting it is to see opportunities open up to share our personal relationship and faith, and to serve others in the Love of Christ!

Planned Giving

Another way to partner with us in our ongoing investment in peoples' lives through ministry of the Word, and our commitment to body, soul and spirit...

For "His" Delight

A Summer to Remember

Praise God for another wonderful time of ministry during our seven Holiday Bible Weeks in July and August! It was a joy to worship the Lord Jesus together as we gathered each week to listen to the teaching of God’s Word and to learn better how to rest in the power of His resurrection Life. Whether in the children's programme or the adult sessions, we give thanks for the work that the Holy Spirit did in the hearts of the listeners and expect Him to bring those lessons to mind at just the right time.

It was easy to enjoy good times of recreation in such beautiful weather! It was refreshing to be able to spend time cooling off either at the beach, in a kayak, tubing behind the boat or visiting the awe-inspiring cliffs of Valdez Island on a boat tour. The rocket launches were a huge success this year, reaching nearly 600ft almost all descended to be captured by their makers to take home for keepsakes.

The meals were also a highlight of fellowship together. What a great time of conversation with family members and friends as we sat down to meals carefully and lovingly prepared by the kitchen staff. The bistro on Tuesday night will continue to be a reminder of God’s extravagant love for us and His infinite care in our lives.

We give thanks to the Lord Jesus for not only keeping us safe through all these activities, but for doing His deep work of refreshment and renewal in the hearts of all who were humble enough to receive from Him. As we move into the Fall season let us continue to gratefully receive all that we need from Christ and then rest in what He provides.


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Join the Class of 2010/11

Bible School is right around the corner and we are currently receiving applications. If you, or someone you know could benefit from a year set aside to focus on studying God's Word and coming to know our Lord Jesus Christ in a deep and personal way then Bible School 2010/11 is the place for you.  APPLY ONLINE HERE!

On September 17th we'll welcome this year's class of Bible School students with great anticipation of how the Lord Jesus will meet the deepest needs of their hearts as they make themselves available to be transformed by Him.  Whether the students are 17 or 50 the Lord Jesus desires to complete His work and pour out His Life in and through each one.  We, as a staff body commit to being vessels of His Life on their behalf.  Please continue to pray with us to this end.

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New This YEAR!!

Booking Fall Retreats NOW!

If you're interested in booking a family reunion, group retreat, a group for an Outdoor Ed Programme, or a personal retreat email Chris Fordham, or phone him at: (250) 246-9440.

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