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The Asia Practicum Programme offers you a radical short term exposure to cross cultural missions in Southeast Asia.

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Born to Be Effective!

Charles Fordham


Listen to the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ to the poor, the disheartened, the ones who were convinced by their religious leaders that they were inferior and ineffective and without hope!

Matthew 5 – 7 must be some of the most significantly powerful messages from Jesus Christ to a downtrodden majority who needed desperately to hear and see the liberating power of the Messiah!

These had completely accepted their lives as “apparently  ineffective” and without a ray of hope that there could possibly be any hope for change at all!

Suddenly …here’s a man who preached from the same scriptures as their leaders,  never reduced the potency of the entire Law in the scriptures, dealt with every heart issue and outward sin in such a way that they could see, feel, hear and touch …in living sound and colour of a “real man” …man as God had created man to be!  Could this be the reality of “manhood” (gender inclusive!?) Wow! 

 Suddenly they became aware that what this man said and did was true as He not only told them but “did it”!

He demonstrated reality …not just preached reality!

They had settled for being the low class with no potential!  That’s what their leaders had convinced them of!  After all, they were born into the wrong family line; wrong social class; streamed into the mix of countless other peasants who also would never have the reality of a Heavenly Kingdom experience …since they were all poor and ineffective!

However… this man Jesus told them things such as:

They are the salt of the earth… They are the light of the world…

They are blessed when reviled… They are blessed when evil spoken of…

They are blessed when hungry and thirsty for what is “of God” and when they’re tired and even worn out from mediocrity and striving to climb above it!

They’re going to inherit the earth if they’re gentle

They’re told to dissolve the barriers.  They themselves would need to take responsibility:

        Don’t get angry with those who abuse you.

        Don’t claim your rights from those who treat you harshly.

        Don’t let hate continue …against those who are against you!

        Get right with every person you know has “something against you”!

        Take top safety precautions against every temptation in your heart!

        Be trustworthy in word; dependable in commitment; faithful in all ways!

        Be genuine in praying, giving and fasting.

        Be trusting in God as One Who loves you and will never fail you!

Be prepared to “get your light out there” where it can be clearly seen and heard so that the watching, very observant world will SEE your GOOD WORKS and give the praise and honour to Him Who gives you what it takes to be “like Him”!

Men's Conference 2010

A weekend getaway, August 20 - 22, to refresh & recharge as Christ is revealed in the book of James.  Chris Thomas will teach on 'Authentic Faith', which breaks through our comfort zone & shines a spotlight on the secret places of our hearts.

Enjoy meaningful fellowship, recreational activities, praise in song, a mouth-watering menu & spectacular natural beauty.  

More Men's Conference Info >>


Holiday Bible Week 7

A Retreat for Grown Ups!

August 15-20

Speaker:  Chris Thomas

Five days set aside for adults from all walks of life.  Perfect for couples, singles & groups of friends to take in practical, relevant Bible teaching amidst a peaceful summer holiday setting.  Your focus will be directed to Jesus, through the book of Philippians, who calls us to an attitude of joyful acceptance of 'all' things.

More Info on this Retreat for Grown Ups >>


Youth Group Event in August

Mid Summer Breakaway is an action packed weekend for youth groups & their youth leaders to come together and get to know Jesus more.  He will be our focus as we listen, learn, sing, play & eat together, July 30 – Aug 1.

Zane Black, on staff at Timberline Lodge, CO & part of Dare2Share Ministries, will share about the new life & purpose he’s found as he does with thousands of teens throughout North America.

More Info for Youth Leaders >>

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