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Asia Practicum

The Asia Practicum Programme offers you a radical short term exposure to cross cultural missions in Southeast Asia.

Planned Giving

Another way to partner with us in our ongoing investment in peoples' lives through ministry of the Word, and our commitment to body, soul and spirit...

Volunteer Opportunities

How exciting it is to see opportunities open up to share our personal relationship and faith, and to serve others in the Love of Christ!

A New Start

On September 18, we opened our doors welcoming 111 Bible School students to the community of Capernwray Harbour for a year of focused & intensive Bible training. This merging of students from throughout The Americas, Europe & Asia has brought together a diversity of cultures, customs and life experiences; a body of believers intent on discovering the person & character of the Lord Jesus and the transforming power of His Resurrecting Life.

In these early weeks of Bible School, students have been involved in study & growth both in and outside of the Lecture Hall. Teaching series have included 'Christ through the Scriptures', the Person & Work of the Holy Spirit, the book of Acts and the Character of God. The outdoor classroom has also been utilized well with students participating in Ventures. These weekend trips expose students to the beauty and grandeur of God's creation as they hike, sail, surf, climb and even bungy jump in this unique West Coast setting.

Meeting in home groups, Friday night campfires, a floor hockey tournament, working together on Book Reports and Journal assignments are just a few of the venues that have allowed students to begin building Christ-centered friendships. We are excited to see how Christ will work in the hearts of those we have the privilege of training and caring for over these next 9 months.

There are a few spots for anyone who is interested in joining us starting in January 2010 for the Winter / Spring Term.


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Personal Getaways

Sometimes it's helpful to take time out of a busy schedule and reflect on the direction of our lives. Come to Capernwray Harbour for your personal retreat.

Private bookings are available...

There are several guest suites available at Capernwray Harbour for private bookings throughout the year, as well as limited availability in our cottages throughout the summer.

Come and enjoy the 97 acres of woods, meadows and seashore on Thetis Island, one of the most beautiful of the Gulf Islands. We promise you woodlands, beaches, fresh air, fellowship, and refreshment!


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The Word Speaks

Charlie Fordham

In following the story of Joseph’s life in Gen. 37 - his dreams, his bizarre sibling experiences: thrown in a pit to die or be eaten by wild animals; sold to slave
traders; pawned off to the a foreign nation: he was apparently at everybody else’s mercy!

In the midst of a backfiring of his stand on true moral integrity he was thrown in a foreign jail without a sentence, charge or time limit; forgotten by fellow inmates; no evident control over his circumstances it is apparent that throughout the whole experience he trusted in his God Whom He knew personally. He trusted Him to protect and keep him through it all.  Amazing story! cont'd...


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