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The Asia Practicum Programme offers you a radical short term exposure to cross cultural missions in Southeast Asia.






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A Summer to Remember

Holiday Bible Weeks 2009


Praise God for another wonderful time of ministry during our seven Holiday Bible Weeks in July and August! It was a joy to worship the Lord Jesus together as we gathered each week to listen to the teaching of God’s Word and to learn better how to rest in the power of His resurrection Life. Whether in the children's programme or the adult sessions, we give thanks for the work that the Holy Spirit did in the hearts of the listeners and expect Him to bring those lessons to mind at just the right time.

It was easy to enjoy good times of recreation in one of the hottest summers on record! It was refreshing to be able to spend time cooling off either at the beach, in a kayak, tubing behind the boat or visiting the awe-inspiring cliffs of Valdez Island on a boat tour. And who could forget the fun of competing for the coveted title of “Master Blaster” each week as participants put their newly crafted “water blasters” to good use?

The meals were also a highlight of fellowship together. What a great time of conversation with family members and friends as we sat down to meals carefully and lovingly prepared by the kitchen staff. The bistro on Tuesday night will continue to be a reminder of God’s extravagant love for us and His infinite care in our lives.

We give thanks to the Lord Jesus for not only keeping us safe through all these activities, but for doing His deep work of refreshment and renewal in the hearts of all who were humble enough to receive from Him. As one of the teachers quoted this summer, “The greatest saints are the best receivers”, and what do we have that we have not received from God? As we move into the Fall season let us continue to gratefully receive all that we need from Christ and then rest in what He provides.


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Meet our New Staff!


Every year around this time, along with changes in season & programme we also say farewell to some staff members & welcome others.  We are always sad to see those whom we've served alongside for a few weeks, months & even years leave but we also equally look forward to the provision of the Lord Jesus Christ in sending new staff to us.  We welcome the newcomers with open arms & embrace them into our fellowship.  This fall four young adults have joined our team, each one having been students with us in the past, completing both the first year & second year programmes.

We'd like to introduce two of our new members!

Rachel Sing, from Nanoose Bay BC (just north of us on Vancouver Island), has joined us as part of our office staff.  She is on the "front lines" answering calls & e-mails as well as assisting us all in the daily administrative tasks necessary to communicate & to serve the students, guests & Thetis Islanders.  Her desire to be involved in a Christian ministry began just before the end of her first year at Bible School with us & and then sometime in the summer between her first & second year the Lord began to prompt her heart with a desire to serve with us here at Capernwray Harbour.  Quietly the Lord has spoken to her, asking her to trust Him alone with her future. We are very pleased that The Lord Jesus Christ has brought her to us at this time.  Rachel received Christ at the age of 10 as the Lord revealed that He was the only Way, the only Truth & the only Life to her parents.  Not long after her parents discovered Christ as Life she did too.  Rachel heard about us through her brother who was a student in 03/04.  She attended the youth retreat that Spring & it was from that experience that she planned to attend Bible School in 07/08. When asked what Rachel has observed about the staff she said, "You're all just ordinary people whom the Lord has purposed to do His work in and through." 

We'd also like you to meet Ken Karg.  Ken comes to us from Richer MB.  He's assisting in the Maintenance Department, specializing in Mechanics.  Ken came to know Christ at the age of 4 but it wasn't until he was 21 that the Lord Jesus Christ really began solidifying what it means to walk in faith with Him & to live the Christian Life.  Ken first heard of us through his High School which presented many options of what to do after graduation. Because of his love for the outdoors he was drawn to our small Pacific island on the West Coast & because our focus is not on academia but on relationship with the Living God.  When Ken was asked what he has learned about the staff so far he smirked, "There haven't been any surprises. I quizzed Reini [whose position he filled] thoroughly before finally making a decision." Ken also went on to explain his desire to follow the example he had seen in staff here, to "focus on people in the work yet without neglecting the work".

Both Rachel & Ken look forward to serving whomever Christ brings across their paths as they walk in obedience with Him this year.


More info on joining our staff team>>

Right Around the Corner

Please continue to pray with us as we welcome a new student body next week!  We look forward to their arrival with much anticipation as to what the Lord Jesus Christ will do in their lives over these next 8 months.  He has hand picked each one to join us for this year of intensive training in His Word.  May all our hearts be prepared for what He has in store for us.

There are still a few spaces available for this years Bible School so either apply online now or pass our info along to someone you know who would benefit from this unique training in His Word.

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