Outdoor Education
The spring/summer conferencing season kicked off in May and will continue to host a variety of school classes, men's groups, ladies' groups, and church groups through to the end of June.  The good weather has been a huge blessing from the Lord which allows our outdoor activities to go on unhindered.  We trust that many seeds were planted over the last few weeks and will find good soil.  Please pray for both our guests and conferencing staff as we continue with this exciting ministry! 
Does Anyone Really have it ALL Together?
Only One person has everything together & His name is Jesus Christ!
What an amazing time in the word learning what it means to be complete in Christ as we studied "The Beatitudes" in Matthew 5 with Sue Rhea.  Our hearts & minds & bodies were refreshed over the weekend.
We also enjoyed fellowship together through exquisite meals &
outdoor recreation.  Christ truly met us all & filled us with His nourishment as only He can.
We love hearing from so many of you and praise Him for His continued faithfulness in each of your lives.  We're looking forward to serving you again in the future. 
Join Us This Fall 
The Capernwray Harbour Bible School is comprised of about 135 students of various ages, from many different nationalities and denominational backgrounds, who join together with our full-time staff to form a community that seeks to discover the character of Jesus Christ and to experience the transforming power of His indwelling Life.  Please join us this fall for nine months of intensive training in God's Word.
For personal testimony from this years staff & students please visit our BLOG
A Personal Retreat Just for You
Sometimes it's helpful to take time out of a busy schedule and reflect on the direction of our lives. Come to Capernwray Harbour for your personal retreat.

Private bookings are available...

There are several guest suites available at Capernwray Harbour for private bookings throughout the year, as well as limited availability in our cottages throughout the summer.

Come and enjoy the 97 acres of woods, meadows and seashore on Thetis Island, one of the most beautiful of the Gulf Islands. We promise you woodlands, beaches, fresh air, fellowship, and refreshment!