The Great Exchange:
Mid Summer Breakaway 09
July 31 - August 2
Our focus for this years Mid Summer Breakaway weekend will be "exchanged" lives.  So often we meet with people who have been serving God diligently and faithfully with all that they are and have reached a point of frustration,
discouragement and even burn-out doing their best for God.  What is the deal?  Is this what He requires of us?  Our best for Him?  What can we offer Him that He needs?... OR is it rather His best through us?  As He lives in us and makes all of His person and power available to us for life and Godliness what does it mean to "let" Him live in and through us in fullness?
Therefore, "The Great Exchange"...Our life for
His...His life for ours.
  What does it mean?

The weekend includes all meals (Friday supper to Sunday lunch), 2 night's accommodation (including bedding) and recreational programming such as waterskiing, climbing tower, kayaking, ropes course & more.
For every 5 youth, 1 leader can come for FREE!  Max. 2
free leaders per group. 

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Men's Conference 09 
August 21—23
Topic: TIME TO MOVE ON—A study in the book of Joshua

"It’s Time to Move On!"

Joshua is the account of God moving His people on. They needed a new future, a new leader and a new life. God gave it all to them when they crossed over Jordan.
Our future is infinitely more important than our past and our past does not need to determine our future. Move on!
The Capernwray Harbour Men's Conference is a getaway for men from all walks of life coming together to take in Christ-Centered, practical Bible teaching. Hearts & minds will be challenged to discover and know the reality of the Christian life; the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.
The weekend also includes a delectable, generous menu with BBQ features, and 2 night's accommodation (bedding provided).
Fellowship and fun at Capernwray Harbour!

The conference also includes action in the 'Great Outdoors' such as ocean kayaking, beach volleyball, climbing & rappelling, watersports and tranquil forest walks.

Set aside the pressure and daily worries of life and come to be refreshed in mind, heart & soul as we seek Christ together. The men on staff at Capernwray Harbour invite you for a weekend of focus, fellowship & fun.
A Week for Grown-Ups
August 16-21
Topic: John's Gospel — Life through His Name
The gospel of Life, the offer God makes man in Christ is life, not help. Christ came to impart new life, not just a new life-style. The signs in the gospel of John offer an instructive picture to the church of what to expect when Christ invades our life with His own.  

Guests will enjoy a holiday like no other as they experience Christ-centered devotionals & teaching from guest & resident lecturers, a myriad of recreational activity options & special events, a palate-pleasing menu as well as comfortable accommodations & excellently maintained property facilities & grounds.
The Capernwray Harbour Staff aims to impart a quality of service in which all guests will come to know Jesus Christ as Lord & Life. 
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