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The changing seasons are very soon to be "on us" and "all around" us ...and sometimes we get so used to the "normal" weather patterns changing in the last few years, we no longer know what is "normal" any more!  However, God's in control of that, just as He is in the normality of changing seasons of our lives.
We get so comfortable in a "season" that if "things change" we think it's all "falling apart" when the "season changes" and "leaves may even start to fall off the trees" of our lives!
Maybe this is not where you are right now as you read this.  Well, just be patient.  It may happen!
However, it may be actually a healthy state of "dormancy" which should never be interpreted as "death".  It's all part of God's control of the universe!  "New leaves" will return and the season will be welcomed!

This is God's doing for which we are grateful!

The responsibility He's given us maybe right now is to start making (even "wrestling"?) with some tough decisions: to stay routinely reading and meditating in God's Written Word; to respond in praying to Him in faith (talking WITH Him ...not just "TO" Him!); encouraging others to trust Him in their personal and public lives. On the list goes!

Life is not merely "abridged eternity" but rather a quality of living that can only have its origin in Christ Himself!
Stay the course and don't let your stability be shaken or flattened by the lure of the "quick way"; the "mini", the "compact" and the "20 second commercials" mentality; the "good deals" we can buy through the other's bankruptcy; the mentality of gloating over "the lower the price, the better the deal".  What about "full price"?  After all, that's what our Lord Jesus Christ paid!  No shortcuts in relationships! 

Let's not merely "get started" this new season. 
Let's "keep going". 
Then let's make sure we "finish well"! 
There are no regrets to those who persevere in patient faithfulness! That's where our Lord Jesus put the emphasis in training His disciples and still today ...to all who would truly follow Him.

Let's learn to stick with something until it's done (*and most of us may not see the end of that), not settling for "Plan B" when we haven't finished "Plan A"! 
* There's only one plan and that's what God has sent us to do and where He's sent us to do it. 
* Why look around at the alternatives?  Why? Is it for "personal satisfaction" or for "finding our strengths" or "being fulfilled" or getting "promoted" or "expanding our horizons" or "seeing the job going somewhere"?  Is the "alternative" for which you may be searching or longing really becoming more "viable" to such an extent that you've been able to come up with a "spiritual" line of reason that you can back it up by "God told or showed me..."?  Beware!

Look back! What happened to the conviction of the commission of Christ to what we're doing and where we're doing it as the top priority?  Why would His mind have changed on that?  We have no reason to change or look around at others and other "options"!  Often times the "spiritual or material grass that looks greener on the other side of the fence is an illusion"!  When you get there: you discover "there isn't even any grass there!" Oh wow!

Changing seasons is about "continuing" not "changing".  It is about "developing" not "starting again".  It is about "reproduction in the long run" not about "hiding for a few moments".
The never ending renewal of God strengthening us in weakness is not about "us getting strong" but about His strength made perfect in our weakness!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean (or depend at all) on your own "understanding". 
It is a Life of peace in the activity of obedience through the disposition of deliberate faith in our Eternal God! 

To Him we then learn to say in all things "Thank you Lord!"

Holiday Bible Weeks
Summer /09
"Ministry to Spirit, Soul & Body"

Registration Starts:
Thu. Jan. 15! 
During the months of July and August, Capernwray Harbour offers seven week-long conferences designed to provide an opportunity for each one to come to be refreshed in body, soul & spirit by the Lord Jesus Christ through solid, practical Bible teaching amidst a holiday setting.
Ladies Conferences
Spring /09

Registration Starts:
Thu. Jan. 22!
Conference Dates:
May 29-31 or June 5-7
Ladies on Staff at Capernwray Harbour purpose to provide a weekend conference setting, away from the varied circumstances of daily life, in which women would come to be encouraged & strengthened through a renewed focus on the Lord Jesus Christ. 
We hope you have been blessed in reading this edition of Harbour Happenings!