Summer Reflections
The 7 Holiday Bible Weeks in July & August at Capernwray Harbour was filled with the sights and sounds of men, women, youth, children & families participating in Bible teaching programmes at all "levels". These programmes are geared to focus every heart and mind on the Person of Jesus Christ and to apply practical faith in Him! People were led through a Book of the Bible each week to think through "life issues" from God's perspective.
Wonderful rediscovery of Christ and the Christian Life!
These weeks introduced and reunited families & friends from locations as far away as India, the UK, Germany, Hawaii and more ...who enjoyed in-depth Bible teaching amidst a week long holiday setting: always fresh, homestyle meals with gourmet quality! 
Every Staff loves what they do because we love the One Who sent us... to love the ones He sends to us!

Mid-Summer Breakaway in August was a big event. Again!  9 different church & school groups coming together for a high impact weekend for teens centred in God's Word made for a profound impact!
The Men's Conference Weekend capped off the summer with guests from across western Canada and the Pacific Northwest USA.  They were challenged to follow the Lord Jesus Christ wholeheartedy as they studied through the book of Philemon.
We are deeply thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ for His transforming, healing and refreshing work in lives throughout the summer months.
We are looking forward already to another season of that and much more in 2009.
Look for those details in the next couple months on
Missions Conferences
Being involved in several Missions Conferences in Northwestern USA and across Canada every year, we continue to embrace these opportunities!  Reconnecting with past students and guests, catching up on the work of the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives becomes a great encouragement to those with whom we have a chance to visit at these conferences!

Consider bringing along someone Whom the Holy Spirit has put on your heart one of the missions conferences near you: One or even a few... who may truly benefit from a year of Bible training at Capernwray Harbour.

We'd love the opportunity to share with you about all that the Lord Jesus Christ has been doing this past year! 
Got questions regarding our attendance at one of these conferences? Just hit this link!
Asia Practicum Programme 
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