Conclusions are Beginnings!
This has been an amazing 9 months of Bible School with in depth and practical training in the Christian Life!
Learning to know Christ as Life. Together, studying, discussing, journaling and working out the reality of living together: less of "me" and more of "Him" being the expression of Eternal Life.  Being taught, discovering and rediscovering the Truth that is exclusively in our Lord Jesus Christ. "Skills" alone are not what Life is made of. Christ's strength in our weakness; His fullness in our emptiness and His satisfaction in our longing!
May 7 was a big day of both sobriety and laughter; reflection and challenge: the completion of what for most students will be the biggest year of their lives! Each of our 30 Staff would also attest to many very significant times of growing deeper yet higher through Christ Who is our very Life! 

There are still spaces open for new applicants to Bible School 08/09!  The easy route is to apply online or download an application and mail it off to us.  While grateful to the Lord for all He has done this past year we are also eagerly looking forward to all He will bring together in a new student body!
Ladies Conferences May '08 
It was a very practical time of studying the 'I Am' claims of Jesus Christ!
Learning what it means for Him to be our Great Shepherd, our Bread of Life, the Light of the world & our Abiding Life, we were stretched, enriched through refreshment and challenged with Hope for the future. 
We also enjoyed fellowship together through exquisite meals & outdoor recreation.  Christ truly met us all & filled us with His nourishment as only He can.
We love hearing from so many of you and praise Him for His continued faithfulness in each of your lives.  We're looking forward to serving you again the future.  Click on the video link for an exciting review of the Ladies Conference weekend highlights. 
Asia Practicum Programme
•  Leading teams.

•  Partnering with Asian Torchbearer Centres.
• Sharing Christ.
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