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Missions Conferences
In recent months, we have had the privilege of visiting friends, past guests, alumni, and future alumni at Missions Conferences in Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Edmonton.  Our intention is to make ourselves available for follow up, to visit with, and encourage those we connect with in those contexts. Of course we trust the Lord has used us in many ways as He has also used you and many others.   He has been mightily at work in your lives as you have been obedient and He has and will continue to be faithful.  We have been blessed by the many personal encounters planned by God!  Usually it seems we are the ones most encouraged!  If you came to see us at a Missions Conference - Thank you! If not - maybe next time!  We would love to know how to pray for you and would be excited to know what God is doing in your lives!
We'll be at MISSIONFEST TORONTO this weekend (March 6-8).  Please stop by!
Spring Break Ministries
@ the Harbour and Farther Out
At the Harbour
As the Bible School students head out for their Spring Break, we're looking ahead to a variety of groups joining us during that time.  Groups coming include Quilting Guilds, a Rug Weaving Guild,  Ladies Retreats,  a Men's Retreat, Church Retreats, Cadets, and a High School Class.  We're looking forward to seeing friends who've come before, meeting those on their first visit and serving them all in the love of the Lord.  The cadets and high school class will join us for a few days of outdoor activities where principles such as personal growth, communication, and teamwork will be taught and experienced using activities like the climbing tower, the screamer, team initiatives courses, and waterfront.  We anticipate that guests coming for these retreats will be refreshed in rediscovering Christ, looking into God's Word and enjoy His beautiful creation.  We also love to see the unique expressions of the quilters' and rug weavers' skilled handiwork.  With thankfulness we anticipate that the Lord Jesus will do a refreshing work in many hearts during this time as He constantly reveals Himself as Life and Truth.
Farther Out 
Inner-City Seattle
The Seattle Ministry Team will be serving at the Union Gospel Mission’s Women & Children’s Shelter in downtown Seattle, Washington, USA.  This Mission reaches out to the homeless and provides food, shelter and recovery programs to the poor and needy, all through the power and word of Christ.  As a team of 11 staff and students we offer ourselves wholeheartedly for whatever tasks are asked of us, assisting and encouraging the staff and guests at the Shelter.  Besides leading Bible studies and sharing Christ on the streets we will also do such things as cooking, childcare, painting and cleaning.

As a team of 5, staff and students, we'll travel to Manilla to work at a Student Centre run by Torchbearers Philippines. Loy and Techie Vargas have been directing that ministry for about 20 years.  The Lord has allowed them to teach moral "Values Classes" in urban public high schools as well as host many teenagers in their drop-in Student Centre.  The work will involve some practical maintenance projects at the Centre as well as the public high school ministries.

Asia Practicum Programme
The month of February was an exciting time of service for the 6 interns serving in the Asia Practicum Programme.  3 of the interns served in Manila sharing with hundreds of high school students the message of faith in Christ who is our Saviour, Life and Lord.  It was also a thrill for them to distribute thousands of Christian teen magazines called "Book of Hope".  Meanwhile back in India,  3 interns have been fully engaged in student life at Green Valley Bible Centre. We had a few new students join for the second half of the Bible School who also brought a fresh enthusiasm to learn about Christ.  The interns have been able to go out on several evangelism trips to local Hindu villages and watch the students themselves sharing zealously about the Lord Jesus Christ.  Also, to the Bible School students, these interns are preparing to teach from God's Word, both Old and New Testament about a "life lived generously" because it all belongs to Him.

Spring Ladies Conference 2008
Ladies, a wonderful retreat opportunity for you!
Come for a weekend away to be refreshed & strengthened by the Lord through His Word. Bonnie Thomas, international speaker & Bible teacher,  will share from the I AMs in John's Gospel.  Invite a friend or two, come as a group from your church or with ladies in your family.
Two weekends to choose from, May 23-25 or May 30 - June 1.
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