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Greetings to You! 
Here at Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre on Thetis Island fall has brought much change of activity to our shores and we are thankful to the Lord for a great start to the Bible School year and the 139 students here to study God's Word.  Read on and discover what the students are involved in, what they have been learning, what God is doing in other parts of the world and what's in store for the Summer of 2008. 
Bible School Happenings
Ventures: Journeys of Discovery and Growth 
During the first 3 weekends of Bible School, students have opportunity to explore some of the world’s most beautiful land and sea scapes.  The West Coast of Canada is unparalleled when it comes to ecological variety and diversity!

This year, students climbed to a rugged mountaintop, hiked through lush rainforests, descended into a cave network and braved the open seas on these outdoor adventure trips.

Ventures provide a unique context in which students can acknowledge and respond to Jesus Christ as He is revealed in the written Word, through creation and in fellowship with one another and trip leaders.

Chris Fordham, Ventures Coordinator, states, “For many, the Ventures trips serve as a milestone in the year, a reference point of sorts.  These trips are definitely one of the many highlights of a year at Capernwray Harbour!”
At Capernwray Harbour, we are privileged to have an extensive and wide-reaching outreach program.  Students have opportunity to be involved in local & surrounding communities in a variety of areas during the Bible School year. 

The purpose in outreach is to put into practice the giving away of what we have received from the Lord.   He gives us so much and it is our responsibility to share with others what He has given us.  As we give away what the Lord has given us, He gives us even more to share with others!

Students are currently involved at the Neighborhood House, a teen drop-in centre in Chemainus, the Mustard Seed street church in Victoria, the Nanaimo Correctional Centre, and the Chemainus Health Care Centre just to name a few.  In addition, there
are many practical ways that we can lend "helping hands" to the local churches, schools & our neighbours on Thetis Island.

Missions Happenings
Asia Practicum Programme
The Asia Practicum Programme officially launched in September with 6 interns serving in various Torchbearer centres and associated ministries in Southeast Asia.

We began our time together at Harvest Haven, Malaysia, the newest Torchbearers Centre and travelled onwards to Bangalore, South India. After a period of practical orientation at Harvest Haven we also enjoyed teaching in the Word from our Asian leaders, bringing greater significance to the purpose of our trip
.  Since then, we've immersed ourselves in daily life at Green Valley Bible Centre, which is outside of Bangalore.  40 eager students from India & Burma are here to learn from God's Word, and the interns, from across Canada, are here to learn as much, if not more than they teach.

Our involvement has included teaching English classes, overseeing Bible book studies, working on physical projects on campus and reaching out to neighbouring  villages.  Then for a Field Trip to Kerala State visiting schools and presenting the good news of Jesus Christ in creative ways!  God is good and His Grace to us is being extended through us each day.
Summer 2008 Happenings

Ladies Conference
May 23 - 25 or May 30 - June 1

A refreshing weekend centered in God's Word as BONNIE THOMAS shares from the I AM's in John's Gospel.

Registration begins JANUARY 23, 2008!

Bible Weeks
An opportunity FOR ALL AGES to take in solid, practical Bible teaching amidst a beautiful holiday setting.
Speakers include Chris Thomas, Peter Phipps, Satish John, Steve Thiessen & Bruce Campbell.
Registration begins JANUARY 17, 2008!

Mid-Summer Breakaway
August 1 - 3
A high impact weekend for TEENS & their YOUTH GROUP Leaders!
Contact Chris Fordham for further details.

Men's Conference
August 22 - 24
21st CENTURY DISCIPLESHIP, a dynamic weekend study in Philemon led by BRUCE CAMPBELL.
Registration to begin in May 2008!

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Harbour Happenings!