for Praise & Prayer
•  For the safe return of
student outreach teams
•  For the deepening work
of the Lord in hearts
•  For increased health for
staff who have been ill

•  For the Lord to move the
hearts of those seeking to
apply for next year’s
Bible School and for the
confidence of God's
leading in lives
•  For the Support Staff team
as they prepare to serve &
share the Lord Jesus
this summer

•  For open doors for further
  ministry across Canada

Psalm 84
How lovely are Thy dwelling
places, O LORD of hosts!
My soul longed and even yearned
for the courts of the LORD;
My heart and my flesh sing for joy
to the living God.
The bird also has found a house,
And the swallow a nest
for herself, where she
may lay her young,
Even Thine altars,
O LORD of hosts,
My King and my God.
How blessed are those
who dwell in Thy house!
They are ever praising Thee.

How blessed is the man
whose strength is in Thee;
In whose heart are the
highways to Zion!
Passing through the
valley of Baca, they
make it a spring,
The early rain also covers
it with blessings.
They go from strength to strength,
Every one of them appears
before God in Zion.

O LORD God of hosts,
hear my prayer;
Give ear, O God of Jacob!

Behold our shield, O God,
And look upon the face
of Thine anointed.
For a day in Thy courts is
better than a thousand outside.
I would rather stand at the
threshold of the
house of my God,
Than dwell in the
tents of wickedness.
For the LORD God is
a sun and shield;
The LORD gives grace and glory;
No good thing does He withhold
from those who walk uprightly.
O LORD of hosts,
How blessed is the
man who trusts in Thee!

Bible School Happenings

Students returned from Spring Break excited about the Lord’s transforming work in hearts and lives and are ready to ‘dig’ into God’s Word once again.
Highlights of the final 6 weeks include
Temple Tours in Vancouver…

   - visits to area temples for religion & cultural exposure
Youth Retreat Weekend…
  - student planned outreach to teens
Study Projects…

  - presentations on the ‘Character of God'
Commencement Celebration…

  - Ceremony & Farewell Banquet

Special Holiday Bible Week Happenings
A dynamic week of ministry in August! 
 Jerry Benjamin leads a journey of rediscovering Jesus Christ…cover to cover… in the Bible. 
This week for grown ups includes practical Bible teaching, a fantastic holiday setting, reams of land & sea activities and a host of pleasing amenities.
Mark Your Calendar…August 19 – 24!
Register Today!
Spring Break Happenings


In Burundi, 4 students and one staff shared at a youth con
ference, visited & assisted with a building project at an orphanage as well as a re-forestation project in the Kirundo province.  Traveling onto Kigali, Rwanda, the team learned of the affects of the 1994 genocide and the efforts being made to help bring peace & reconciliation between victims & offenders.   The Lord Jesus is working to build His Kingdom in these 2 broken countries through many young national believers who are sacrificially & wholeheartedly serving Him.

ing to practically support Mexican Missionaries with whom Capernwray Harbour has a long-term relationship was the context of this year’s trip to Mexico.  The team of 14 painted, renovated & fixed existing & developing mission facilities in Tijuana & a rural town 4 hours east.  Students stepped out of their comfort zones despite cultural & language differences to share Christ through dramas, testimonies & Sunday School lessons.  A rich time of giving & receiving…blessing and being blessed!
Eleven students served the homeless at Union Gospel
Mission's Women & Children's Shelter in downtown Seattle WA.  Activities included cleaning, organizing, maintenance, cooking, tutoring and caring for children, "shadowing" UGM staff, leading Bible studies, sharing testimonies and street evangelism. The Lord was glorified as students were stretched and challenged to depend on His equipping for tasks that sometimes seemed "too big".  They witnessed the transforming power of the living Word of God in the women, children, and staff at the shelter.

God is working at Green Valley Bible Centre (near Bangalore) and as the curriculum, school course and outreach opportunities continue to develop, one of the most exciting things that has opened up is the chance to go out and do service projects in the local villages. The girls head up this outreach with a group of 12 students and the testimony of Christ is fantastic. The villagers can hardly believe it when they see the "whities" going in and getting dirty lifting up rocks and cleaning up cow manure! It's the little things like this which give great hope and ambition to continue the outreaches and by these means allow the Lord to transform lives in this valley!
Is. 61:11 "For as the earth brings forth its sprouts, and as a garden causes the things sown in it to spring up, So the Lord GOD will cause righteousness and praise to spring up before all the nations."

Home at the ‘Harbour’
Quilters, cadets, families, pastors, ladies & students were served with care & ent
husiasm by home staff & a support staff of 12 Bible School students.   These retreats & outdoor education programmes provide strategic opportunities to bear witness of the risen Lord Jesus through word, deed and a quality of service that reflects His character.  Not just mere programmes but investments made in hearts & lives with eternal value.