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The Heart of the Gospel: Forgiveness

Luke 23:34

Jesus shows just how powerful and NECESSARY forgiveness is for daily living. As He hung dying on the cross His words of forgiveness for His tormentors ring loudly. Did they deserve to be forgiven? Absolutely not. But do any of us deserve to be forgiven? Again the answer is no. God does not forgive us on the basis of our merits nor does He withhold forgiveness because of our shortcomings. We can and should be very thankful for that! We can never be good enough to earn God’s forgiveness on the one hand and on the other hand we can never be sinful enough to cause Him to reject us. God forgives us because it is part of His character.

There is actually a condition to us receiving God’s forgiveness. We must forgive others. Jesus makes this very clear in Matthew 6:14-15. The flesh hates forgiveness and would rather seek restitution. But a heart that is being transformed by the Holy Spirit allows the love of God to win out and is not in need of restitution. The sinner who realizes the value of his/her forgiveness should increasingly extend forgiveness towards any transgressors.

Meditate again on the words of the Lord Jesus, “Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.”

By: Ted Bieber

Ted Bieber

Ted Bieber: Following the guiding hand of the Lord in his life, Ted serves in the area of student ministries during the Bible School year and assisting with summer ministries from May to August since the fall of 2006. Ted took a year out of his teaching career to attend the Bible School in 1993/94 and returned for a year of Leadership Training in 2004/05. Ted called Vancouver Island ‘home’ before moving east to Thetis Island. Ted is married to Esther, they have 3 boys & one little girl.

Bible School


The Lord Jesus has been at work in the hearts and minds of each student through much teaching in the classroom and other venues. Some Bible books taught this term were Hebrews, Proverbs, I Corinthians, Deuteronomy, Ecclesiastes, Esther, I Peter and Ephesians. Through the exercise of writing “Journals” (summarizing each series) students have the opportunity to process what’s been taught from the platform. This is often when application starts to take shape.

Study Project Prep

The Lord Jesus provided, through His Spirit, revelation of Himself through the Study Project preparations in the book of Mark. The evenings of presenting what each one prepared on their assigned passage was a great testimony of both His provision and enabling. This time together in Home Groups is always “huge”. There is so much “learning” that takes place in so many ways!

Chris hosting the Banquet

The end of the Fall Term of Bible School is marked by a celebration of all that the Lord has lavished and bountifully provided at the Christmas Banquet. As a staff and student body we are filled with thanksgiving as we gather together to feast on the Lord’s goodness in celebrating His Life and remembering Immanuel – “God With Us”. God with us in the here and now; God with us in the past and God with us in the future.

Students enjoying the Banquet

Praise & Prayer


* Student Body: Pray that they would know the presence of Jesus Christ in all their travels over the Christmas Break; that they would come to know the power of His reconciliation to a fallen world; and they would offer the Hope, Love, Peace & Joy that only is truly found in Jesus Christ to all of those whom they encounter.

* Spring Break: Pray that the students would consider & know what the Lord would have them do or where to be during the upcoming Spring Break in March 2019.

* Spring/Summer Conferences: Pray for the upcoming registrations in early January for the Pastors & Ministry Leaders Conference, Holiday Bible Weeks & the Ladies Conference. That those who God desires to come to be ministered to through His Word with us would come.

* Mission Conferences: Praise God for so many opportunities to travel across Canada and parts of the USA to share the Life of Christ and to visit past guests & alumni.

* Itinerant Ministry: Praise God for an opportunity for Charlie Fordham & Barry Friesen to travel to Germany in June 2019.

German speaking students singing Silent Night
Barry serving the guests

Upcoming Happenings:

Urbana 2018
Mission Connexion Northwest
Missions Fest Vancouver
Missionsfest Manitoba

Mark Your Calendars:

Pastors & Ministry Leaders Conference 2019

Pastors & Ministry Leaders Conference Registration Begins:

Pastors & Ministry Leaders Conference Registration-Jan.10

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Holiday Bible Weeks Registration-Jan. 16

Ladies Conference Registration Begins:

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