Capernwray Outdoor Education Overview
At Capernwray , we believe everyone has a lot to learn and a lot to offer. The mind, body and spirit will be challenged. Individuals will be encouraged to step out of their "comfort zone" and to engage in experiences that will impact perspective and lend to beneficial responses in real life contexts. Participants will have a tonne of fun learning new things, making friends and soaking up the natural beauty and peaceful surroundings of Capernwray .

Our programmes are built on timeless and relevant "life principles" focussing on community, teambuilding, communication, leadership, and problem solving.

In order to facilitate personal growth through the process of discovery and application, the Outdoor Education team at Capernwray Harbour will provide full programming and qualified instruction, making use of a variety of innovative facilities and equipment.

During our programmes, you will experience a deeper meaning to the words, 'team', 'growth', 'leadership', 'initiative', and many others. Review this glossary for an insight into our approach.

Almost everyone has questions about what to expect, what to wear, what accommodations are like, how does weather affect the programmes, what age groups we host, and so on. Find the answers here.

We're always encouraging our clients to send testimonials about our service so you know what to expect. You can read some of them here.

"There are very few discipline problems because they are so engaged in the program...the remainder of the school year always seems to run smoothly because of the shared experience."

Capernwray accommodations

All our guests stay in cozy, cedar cottages in the quiet woodland or in a lodge overlooking the ocean.

Capernwray outdoor recreation

Our 97 acres set in the West Coast beauty of Thetis Island has forest trails, beaches, a climbing tower, a trout pond, and much more...come and enjoy!

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