Capernwray Bible School FAQ
Questions? What You Need to Know

Things you need to check before you come to Capernwray Bible School. Do your homework on these basic facts and you'll be well on your way!

Planning and Applying for Bible School
You want to make sure that you consider all application details, deadlines, and other related issues as you plan for Capernwray Bible School. Of course, the number one prerequisite is your strong desire to attend!

Financing, Budgeting, and Expenses
Financing and budgeting form an important part of planning for any post-secondary education. This section gives you information about tuition fees, medical expenses, and other typical expenses while you are at Capernwray Bible School.

Capernwray Accomodations, Meals, and Facilities
Your comfort and nutrition are important factors in getting the most out of Capernwray Bible School. This section contains details on the accommodation in Preedy Lodge, in the Cottages, about bathrooms and showers, meals, laundry, everything!

Extracurricular Activites at Capernwray Harbour
What you learn outside the course classroom is just as important as what you learn inside! This section contains information about the gym and sports, going to church, field trips and breaks.

A Day in the Bible School Student's Life
How do I dress? What do I do in my free time? What are the weekend options? Are there any daily duties or responsibilities? If you have these types of questions, this section will answer them.

  Future Christian leaders institute changes to their spiritual development.
Capernwray Harbour Bible School student in Bible studies class.

The course Curriculum covers roughly 75% of the books of the Bible and at Capernwray , emphasis is placed on personal discovery through discipleship.

Theology training is a vital part of the year of Bible study at Capernwray Bible School

The schedule for the week covers a broad variety of lectures, seminars, worship, and special activities.

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