Holiday Bible Week Testimonials


We are back home after week two of our first time at the Capernwray Harbour.

Thank you again for the hospitality and friendship attention to detail and many prayers that went out to us as guests of Capenwray.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and will never forget the time we spent there. Hopefully we will be able to attend again one year.

We enjoyed everything that was offered and supplied physical and spiritual and the staff treated us better than we could have expected and in the same league as a fine cruise ship.

Hat's off to you and the whole gang of workers that we saw and those behind the scenes.....

....Anyways, that's all for now. Remember these are only my opinions and overall our week at Capernwray exceeded all of our expectations and we highly recommend your Bible Centre.

Blessings to you all.

Gordon Columbus



Thanks once again for a great refreshing week. We come away from our holiday bible weeks with a renewed sense of God's working in our lives.

Thank you for putting so much of yourselves into our lives -- for your service, for your obvious delight in the Lord. We brought 3 extra boys this year and they all enjoyed it a lot and it was a great time to reconnect with our boys after being away in Libya all year long. Thank you for allowing us to have them as part of our family.

We came away challenged greatly by Richard Dalhstrom's teaching of Nehemiah. Many many things learned, and which are now being re-called and hopefully some of which will be put into practice as we live out our lives making the invisible God visible.

This was a week in which we feel that we come away spiritually refreshed as well as having an enjoyable time in just the physical sense as well.

We have especially needed that in this year, as we have had many spiritual battles within the church body, and in which the politics of church has become very discouraging.

Thank you for preaching Jesus -- for challenging us in our personal walk with Christ and for providing great spiritual food to very hungry spiritual hearts.

Sincerely and with His love,

Loren & Colette, Brendon & Reilly Regier
(on behalf of the Reimer boys too)



....Let me say thanks for the week, it was wonderful and memorable for our family. And thanks for the video. For those of us who were there, it is a kind of gift. Once again, thanks for the gift.

It was a blessing to see that you care about my walk in Christ, after I leave. I was encouraged, and thankful.


Gordon Dykstra
(Valerie, Rachael, Hannah, Deborah)



Thank you so much for the "Thank you" and the video! We have forwarded it on to many of our friends and family. We would like to let as many families as we can know about the Bible School, as well as the Holiday Bible weeks. Our family had a fantastic time.

I was reading to my kids the book "The Indwelling Life of Christ" and was at the part where the aliens wanted to see "man-the creature God made in His perfect image" so they could understand what God is like. Bethany, our 9 year old, said " Well, if they wanted to see what God is like, they should have come to Capernwray!"

She's right-we totally felt God reflected in you, and all the staff at Capernwray-and are more aware of allowing God to work in and through us!

Thanks again, and God bless you!




..... It was funny, last night we were eating out and I suddenly had a feeling akin to homesickness for Capernwray.

I said to the children, "I miss Capernwray." Each one of them said, "We do too!" We had all had the same feeling at the same time. (Maybe it was because we were eating in the deli section of Save-On Foods!)

Thank you again, everyone at Capernwray Thetis Island for giving of yourselves in so many ways to make the Holiday Bible Week a rich spiritual and physical treasure once again.

The Lord bless, strengthen and encourage you as you press on to know Christ and let Him live His life through you. Hope to see you again before the summer is over.

With Love,

Paula Lindsay
(Doug, Matthew, Rebecca & Hannah)



Despite all the amazing places in the world we have visited, Thetis Island and particularly Capernwray remains among our favorites!!

Sharon van Dijk

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