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God I Wish...

by Elizabeth Joslin

In the epistle of James, chapter 1:5, there is the advice, when in the midst of the trial, the difficult circumstance, when you don’t know what to do, ASK GOD, your Father, who loves you and who will not shame you for coming to Him or for not knowing what to do. He imparts wisdom and gives generously.

I saw the following quote on social media the other day (I don’t know who to give credit to) but it simply said “PRAY before you overthink”. Isn’t that what we are tempted to do before going to Him? It may seem very obvious to ask God but it is often one of the last things we do.

We can so easily rely on our thoughts, seek out the opinions of others, go to that self help book or ‘Google’, be convinced of what to do by what we see and hear, while the INFINITE RESOURCES of GOD ALMIGHTY are only a prayer whisper away.

To whom better to go than the ONE whom knows all things?

About 10 years ago, I was going through a difficult season and in my frustration I wrote the following poem which illustrates not only our need to go to God but why we should go to Him in our trials and difficulties …

God I wish I could ‘Google’ you and instantly find the way
Out of this dark place, to find hope in this day
God I wish I could ‘Google’ you and instantly you’d be here
Wiping the falling tears, and speaking peace into my fears
God I wish I could ‘Google’ you and I would instantly be changed
From a tired, frightened little girl into the women you’ve ordained
God I wish I could ‘Google’ you and see your master plan
Instead of just my narrow vision, the one in my view span
God I wish I could ‘Google’ you and then all would be right & well
I’d feel right in mind and body and not struggling in this hell
But God I cannot ‘Google’ you, you are
One that cannot be contained Inside a highway of information coming from finite brains
God I cannot ‘Google’ you, You are far above all else
You are eternal, You are Infinite, Sufficient unto Yourself
So God I will learn to trust in You and wait on your transforming power
To throw the weight of my anxiety on you, even if it’s hour by hour
For in Your Word you have promised me that you are present with me here
That you walk very close beside me speaking comfort in my ear
So God with thanksgiving I will pray to you & commune in my inner heart
Clinging to your hand, remembering how you have been faithful right from the start
Dear God, thanks that I can’t ‘Google’ you for that would be a shame
For I would miss the chance to know You more & glorify your Precious Name.
© Elizabeth Joslin