Nanaimo Quilters' Retreat at Capernwray Harbour

If our retreat next week is as wonderful as the one this week I know everyone will be thrilled. I had such a great time. Meals were wonderful. Your young people are such a delight to visit with. It is just a joy to be at Capernwray.

I did come home to three cancellation messages however. I am trying to fill the spots as I know next month at least ten quilters will say they wish they had known... Thanks again for everything. I look forward to coming back next week.

Sincerely, Eileen Wright.

          Thanks for your hospitality and smiles.

          Thanks for all your hard work. God bless. - Chris M.

          Thanks for everything. Good food, good service, friendly people. -Noreen

          You all have made me feel very welcome. Thank you! -Jean

          Thank you so much to everyone and also being so friendly and great service. -Judy.

          Thanks so much for the great food, friendly smiles and making us so comfortable, also showing interest in our quilting. -Doreen R.


   Retreaters at Capernwray Harbour

Enjoyed the surroundings and lovely views. Thank you for the excellent food and service. -Bertha

          Thanks. Everything was great. Looking forward to next year. -Mary
          So enjoyed your generous and friendly hospitality. This is a wonderful spot! -Annie

          Loved the weekend. Thanks to your wonderful, cheerful hospitality and friendliness. -Sue

          Many thanks for your hospitality. Had a wonderful first time visit to Capernwray. -June

          Thanks for the wonderful service, it was very good! -Claire

          The location is unique: One-of-a-kind! But you people have made it so special and memorable - thank you for making us feel so "at home" comfortable! -Paula

  Capernwray Harbour retreats
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