Bridging the Gap at Capernwray

         Dear Staff,
Thank you so much for the beautiful way you ministered to all the ladies at the Bridging the Gap Retreat. We have been so blessed!
"The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face towards you and give you peace." Numbers 6:24-26. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

On behalf of the Leadership Team and all the ladies,
- Jeanette Lane

I'm not sure I have anything to add to the lists of praise for the privilege of being here for our 2006 WCBC Ladies Retreat. However - here goes.
After spending 5 previous weekends here and each one a time of good memories, what can I say. Many of the ladies, including myself, feel it just gets better each year.
#1 - You and your staff make us feel welcome, special guests and pampered!
#2 - We know what to expect when we get here so we're comfortable.
#3 - Everyone feels that she is in a very special place and God seems so close.
#4 - It is very serene and safe for us.
#5 - We're feeling more bonded as "sisters in Christ" and loved.
Thank you.
- Janice Saunders (GAP team)

         What an awesome place. Thank you for all you do to make us so comfortable and provide for all our needs. We are always anxious to come and never ready to leave.
A special thanks to your staff leader for all he does and to all the staff. Wonderful to sit with staff and share.
All 3 years have been so encouraging and challenging. Food is fantastic.
Blessings on the ministry.
- Suzanne Colborne

         A huge thank you to the team for putting on another fantastic retreat experience. The food is incredible, the setting is so lovely and tranquil. The staff are so friendly and accommodating. We don't want to leave so soon on Sunday. Can't we stay just a little longer?!? This place is highly recommened!
- Jennete Somerville

         I appreciate and am so thankful for your servants hearts that are so evident in all that you do for us. It is truly a wonderful time away to grow and be refreshed.
I would like to see us here on a long weekend or if it were possible to remain on the grounds for Sunday afternoon (even if we didn't have access to the cabins) in order to continue in the relaxation made as opposed to the rush, rush attitude before heading home to the rush, rush. Thank you!

  • They are doing a fabulous job!

  • Food and service is awesome

  • The setting is wonderful - God's beauty surrounds us

  • All the staff is cheerful and helpful

  • The teaching and music ministry a blessing

  • Rooms comfortable, beds comfortable. Loved the fireplace!

  • The food incredible!!! Baking a treat appreciated, the generous portions of fresh fruit.

         Thank you for a wonderful weekend. May God continue to bless your ministry. Going home refreshed...

I would not miss this experience for anything. The rekindling of desire to seek after God is so real, so uncluttered. The majesty of God is so apparent. Thank you for dedicating your lives to this important ministry and providing this place for us. God is here. God is Love. God surprises us with more than we could imagine and we leave here inspired - and even feeling beautiful! Wow.
- Joyce Lindberg

         CHBC Team:
You demonstrate the heart of Jesus to us in so many ways:

  • with humility

  • with love

  • with gentleness

  • with patience

Whenever we have requested something you have been accommodating and met it and even more ie. We were stunned when we say what you did to provide a higher bed for us.
As a leadership team we have gleaned so much from your servant hearts.

- Lorri Beekley

  Capernwray  guests enjoy lecture


  • Wonderful food! Fresh fruits, fresh baking, fresh veggies, excellent, nice flowers, greaet BBQed meats

  • Appreciate bedding being available

  • It is a photographer's dream!

  • Beautiful grounds and trails

  • Nothing quite like the singing of the many birds, the hues of green in the forests, the quiet of the walking trails, the smells of all that God has provided in His bounteous nature here, the glistening of the water, the sunrises and sunsets reflected on the mountaintops, the stars and stars and stars! It all makes you more aware of the wonder of God!

- Lorraine McInead


         I don't really have any input! Everything was great! Everyone very friendly and welcoming! The food excellent as always! The people/staff supply everything we need to enjoy our stay here! Well maybe it would be nice to have a little more group time to chat with them (the staff) and to get to know them better. Time always seems to go by too fast! Thank you for the fun time on the water! Thank you very much for everything!!


  • No criticisms - Every need is filled when we are here

  • Would be fun to have campfire time on one of the evenings

See you next year.

          Staff - I don't have any new suggestions for you. As you have thoughtfully covered so many of our needs already. Keep on doing what you are doing and God will surely bless your efforts.

Having fellowship with other Christian women like this is wonderful and a real blessing. I felt God opened a lot of doors for me by talking with other women and hearing the speaking on Philippians. Thank you.

         Thank you for a wonderful weekend.

  • Beautiful location

  • Beautiful servants

  • Excellent food

Excellent as always. The graciousness of all the staff/students consistently astounds and impresses me. I have been privileged to stay here on many occasions and can feel the peace of the Lord's presence every time I arrive.
- Sarah Havge

         Dear Staff,
You and all those at Capernwray have spoiled us royally. We do feel Daughters of the King after such a beautiful weekend! You went far beyond the things we requested and the things we requested were done so well, like Marian's bed having to be made higher so she could attend. Marian is on our team and was so blessed to have her bed at a perfect height for her! You may want to keep that extension for next year. Unless she has gone to be with the Lord she will want to be there again.

Marlene's speaking was excellent and just what we needed to hear and such a good object lesion with her suitcase. If I get a chance before I leave I will send her a "Thank you" too. The worship was right on and fitted so well with the message. It was also wonderful to have Shout to the North, as we requested.

We do feel we have been through the fire and are in a healing place, as a fellowship. Praise God! Thank you Christine and team. So many ladies are still in that fire place in their lives and relationships and need the body of Christ to come along side. What a blessing it was for you to minister to us all without you knowing a thing about our lives. God is good all the time.

The food was delicious!! We all appreciated the basket of fruit available all the time throughout the retreat. Ladies love fruit! Lots of vegetables were such a blessing too. High Tea was AWESOME! We didn't expect you to go to such a variety. What fun that was! The ladies were so touched by your thoughtfulness as there was something for everyone, even if you couldn't eat sweets.

Thank you Andy. (Hope I have your name right). You seem to know ladies tastes well. Thank you too, for trying to accommodate each medical allergy with grace.

The Lord bless you and keep you,
With warm affection in Him,

  Capernwray Bible Centre guests
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