Capernwray Harbour Outreach: Seattle Diary


Dear Diary,
Are First morning of the Seattle Missions trip! Started out grey and drizzling but it did not dampen are mood. The 'team' seems to be getting along quite well. There was a bit of confusion when the pastor of three tree church mentioned something about vegetable ice cream?

After brunch we pilled into the van and drove to Seattle. We got to tour the men's Seattle Union Gospel Mission. A man that was going through the program there talked about how his life and how he ended up in the mission. His life had been 'Good' wife, kids, good job but then he turned to drugs and alcohol and lost everything. He discovered the ministry years later and Jesus, true life. One of the main things that he learned is that everybody is equal in Christ.

We saw the English chapel, Spanish chapel, free dentist office for the homeless, dinning room, and got to learn a bit about the education program. Unfortunately, some of us are still sick, but that should hopefully get better soon! In the evening a few people prepared some music for the women's shelter. At the moment Kevin is asking me to write how I feel: I have a headache.

Till next time.

March 15, 2008


  Capernwray Harbour students


Dear Diary,
My day started out well and going to the Ducks today was a great tour around a city that I have never stepped foot into before. It gave me a bit of an understanding of the city and really how it came to be. After that just hanging around with the crew and talking for a bit was good.

Then when we got to the Pike Place Market and starting the scavenger hunt was a real interesting experience, never have I seen a market place so busy and full of such random things before, the fish tossing and the jewelry sold, it's so crazy.

But what really got me the most was the amount of homeless people on the street. Just walking past them actually hurt me inside because I knew that I could give them something and then there was one guy who just stood out to me and after we had stopped and he asked us very calmly and shy if we had anything we could give him and so I gave him all my change and then a couple of dollars as well but after I just felt I could do so much more and I didn't and it just showed me how selfish I can be and how undeserving I am to have what I got so ya, God showed me that today.

March 16th, 2008




Dear Diary,
Today we went to three different Churches and were able to see how God works in all situations. It is easy for us to put in a box how a Church should look like, how worship should be done and who should attend Church.

The first one we attended was the Three Tree Church, where we are staying. It was a pretty 'normal' service compared to what I am used to. The second church, which Elena was excited about for most of the time, was Mars Hill. This church was more contemporary (in the technical side and how most of the attendees were college age) and the sermon preached by Mark was a powerful one on sin, and how atonement was made and how that reflects in our lives today.

The third was a very interesting Church on top of Seattle, and it was only a half hour long with no sermon or formal leader. There was reflection time at the start, and then a men's choir read and sang from the scriptures. It was cool to see the different formats of the Churches.

The thing that stuck out the most to me was just how God works in all of the situations. It was clear with each of the Churches on how they are being blessed and how they are a light in the darkness of Seattle. Specifically the news of the Mars Hill church opening another campus in what used to be used as a night club.

For fun : 'What is this in the world?' - Andreas, 'an empty apple!' - Verena
We also had a fun hour-long game of throwing a ball as hard as we could at each other upstairs with some kids from the church and their parents.

Mark L.
March 17, 2008


  Capernwray Harbour Outreach in Seattle


My dear, lovely diary, (sorry, our diary) Today was an exciting day since we had our first day at the women's shelter.

Strengthened by a great breakfast we drove to Seattle downtown.

I wanna start with a little overview of our day. We got a tour through the shelter, were encouraged by the testimonies of two of the ladies in the recovery programme, we had some devotions and worshipped the Lord together with the ladies there. Then, we got to know some of our tasks, and started working on them.

Some of us started organizing stuff, cleaned something, helped out in the kitchen for a little while before lunch, helped the kids with their homework or played with them, or painted one of the offices. Some details for the last one: We finally started after that Kevin was done with making spit bubbles and we "s.... (Kevin's word)..." the paint in the corners, and on the wall for sure.

Spontaneously, we were chosen to lead a little worship service in the evening. But God was good, and so we had a blessed, encouraging time hearing Thomas' testimony, Elena's devotions for the 3rd time on this day, praising God in songs and sharing a funny skit with a good message. ("I have worked hundred and hundred of years to built this machine..." Manu).

It was a great day with a lot of different impressions. Spontaneity was required and flexibility but God was in control and everything went well.

I was impressed by the women's honest and deep thankfulness. And even if we came here to be a blessing to these people there, God uses them in return to bless us so richly and to encourage us and already on this full first day we could get a hint of God's work in the shelter.

Furthermore, it stuck out to me with how much love people were treated there and how lovely and homey every single room was decorated. It is not an anonymous institution but rather a home for the homeless.

March 18, 2008


Dear Diary,
After a very short night of sleep and lack of sleep we all awoke to a start of a new day with preparing breakfast setting it on the table then eating a substance of bagels and cereal to fill our stomachs for another hard days work at the women's shelter as we all piled in the van after all the clean up was done, we arrived at the shelter at around 10 am and after we dropped off all of our stuff I was then off to be trained at the front desk watching the serve lance monitors answering phones taking messages and answering peoples messages, as well as photocopying some things.

That took the whole day basically with a break for lunch and devotions along with worshipping God and His splendor. Before we broke for lunch a lady in the shelter who was from Somalia came to the desk; she did not speak a word of English she handed me her cell phone and the lady on the other end translated; basically said that the Somalian women did not remember where her class was and I asked if she was supposed to be in the Christianity 101 class the lady translating said no she doesn't do that she is Muslim. Then a case worker came by I handed the phone to her and she talked to the lady on the phone and got the Somalian women to where she was suppose to be. Once they left I chuckled to myself at how fast the lady was to say no they don't do Christianity because she was of Muslim belief I found it to be rather interesting.

The thing that stuck out to me most at the women's shelter is how broken they all come through the door with all of there struggles and how some they allow God to transform there lives for the better, healing them from the inside out making, them into His image and the plans He has for each of there lives. This can be applied to everyone's lives if we let God come in and give our struggles and pain to God and allow Him to come in and let Him continually transform our lives we will all be able to live a much happier life because we would not carry all the weight of the struggles and pain. That is what really stuck out to me the most.

Yours Truly,

March 19, 2008


Dear Diary,
This morning we had eggs for breakfast!!! My most favorite breakfast so far :) All of us enjoyed it!

We did not go to the Women's shelter today, but to the UGM Administration Building to be involved there.

When we came there they told us that another team came today too and that they maybe don't need us... And then they still needed us... I think I know this from somewhere... ;)

The guys, Maria and Andrea helped organizing the freezer, I heard is was a big mess in there and pretty cold... But they seemed to have a lot of fun, we heard them singing operas and hymns, and they laughed a lot!

The rest of us worked with donated toiletries. We emptied huge barrels full of big and small shampoo bottles, conditioners, soaps, tooth brushes and paste, and tons of other toiletries and sorted them into small boxes. Later we counted them and put them separately into plastic bags.

For lunch we ordered pizza from Pizza Hut... This was so yummy!!! Thomas ate 6 pieces of it!!! On the way bag home we stopped at Krispy Kremes. and bought doughnuts. We were at home already 4:30, and we had rice broccoli casserole for dinner, made by Andrea and Mallory.

After dinner Kevin told us his and April's love story. Ohhhhhh, so nice..... Right now they are playing "Crazy German Uno". At certain cards they have to stand up, run around their chairs or slapping all their hands at one card. CRAZY. It is dangerous to be near to them when you are not participating :)

What stood out to me today? It is so interesting to see the different areas of UGM! This place is the main area where all the donated stuff comes in, get sorted through and get delivered to all the different shelters and ministries of UGM. They are doing a great job, which is probably not always just fun. But it is so important! When a shelter needs for example: 500 toothbrushes and 200 shampoos, than they just inform the Administration Building and they will deliver it.

Its so great to get to know UGM from different perspectives, so nice to see the people working and to know there are all working for God's kingdom!

Great day!
Thank you God!

March 20, 2008




Dear Diary,
The theme of today was PROVIDING.

Kick start
The day started with an empty seat on the breakfast table. Thomas was still in his sleeping bag and he woke up while all shouted through the open door: THOMAS!

breakfast: one egg for Manu, raisin bread, bagels lunch: Hot dogs with mint chocolate, For Kevin and Manuela provided God on his way a wonderful Lunch: rice veggie soup with garlic bread and salt. They eat @ hospital. supper: spaghetti, veggie sauce, Parmesan outstanding

The devo was what God did in my life about providing. Manuela had a very bad hurting foot and she went with Kevin to the hospital. They waited for a long time and then it was lunch time and both received lunch through God's provision.

UGM broke ground in the morning that they can start to build a new women's shelter and they said they don't have all the money. But the devo after lunch reminds the leaders, that they should trust God in providing all money for this project. Because they don't have it all at this moment. So God provided through me a devo that fits perfect in the day. God provides even when we don't count on him. I thought: how can this be something profitable for our group and for the woman in the shelter.

The Testimony from the youngest woman. This was very sad she started using drugs at 9 and now with an age of 17 she had 7 recoveries and two overdoses and now she think she is over this. I pray God gave her after the degree a new life. So that she can enjoy without drugs and to God's glory. Jesus be her anchor.

On the shelter
This day we had Elena and Sarah our well trained desk girls well on the front desk of the shelter. One team finished painting the room, another team cleaned and shampooed the carpet on all floors, Mark and Thomas helped in the kitchen during the meals. It was big fun to see these two boys with the special hair net behind the counter, giving out the meals. Two girls changed the batteries of all card opened doors.

At the end we had a performance from a teens group. They danced synchronous with worship music. In between the dances, they shared testimony from those young fellows. It was amazing what God is doing in those young lives.

Also included was a music skit. They act persons with desire and illness. Jesus took all this from them and they all were healed. Jesus died on the cross for them and this was so emotional that I was near on tears and Lydia cried. God convinced me through this because those young fellows are so good witness of the Lord.

How often I have the opportunity to be a witness and I think now or there is something why I can not do this.

Manuela (my lovely wife) had at the end of the day very much pain again in her feet so that she thing there is no way to come to sleep but we will see God will provide!

Thanks for reading this.

March 21, 2008


Our journal,
We left half an hour earlier than usual this morning so that we could be there for the morning meeting at the women's shelter but there was still not enough time and we arrived late. Better planning next time Kevin! :)

I don't believe that any of the group besides Kevin and Andrea had seen what happens at their meetings so it was a new experience for us all. Part of the meeting is taken up by guests of the shelter sharing the self-evaluation sheets that they had received for making a poor choice the previous day.

Each guest with a sheet speaks in front of the assembly, answering questions like what choice they made, what they were thinking when they made it, what the consequences of that choice were, and if their choice brought them closer or further away from the likeness of Christ. Hearing the different women share made me think about how important it is to study ourselves and the choices that we make daily. I often make rash decisions or judgments without stopping to think first and I wonder, how often is the motive behind my actions to become more like Christ?

After the morning meeting, some of the boys set to work on waxing the CAC floor and Andrea and I went shopping for food for tomorrow's brunch at a Chinese supermarket. Personally, I have never been to a store that carries 30 different brands of teriyaki sauce but only 4 types of bread but there is an appointed time for everything. Andrea and I had difficulties finding hash browns and did locate something that appeared to be hash browns but since the package is in Chinese, we will have to find out tomorrow at brunch exactly what we bought. I hope it tastes good.

At our devotional time after lunch, Manu shared for the second time today about experiencing God's rest and how He gives us peace in times of worry and stress. She shared how she has seen God providing her with rest and peace and it made me feel grateful to have a God who is so loving and kind to His children. Some of the group however were not at rest when they heard the scurrying of a rat above them in the ceiling but they will get over it eventually.

While some girls cleaned the computer room and the boys tried to keep their balance while waxing the floor, Manuela and I picked out Easter baskets for the guest's children. It is wonderful to see how the donations of strangers can make a child's life extra special. I saw this later as well when the whole group gave up an hour of free time to play basketball with one of the children near the community centre. Something so small as playing a game can change the outcome of someone's day and I was so happy to see this young boy from the shelter laughing and enjoying himself and the company of his new found friends. It doesn't take much to show the love of Christ to others and there is no way to measure the impact it will have on a person's life.

I sure hope what I just wrote makes sense because I am too sleepy to notice any mistakes. Good night!

March 22, 2008


Dear dear Diary,
I will not attempt to use this keyboard as though I were a true German and thus you may find that when a word should have a 'y' it will actually have a 'z' instead, and vice versa.

New paragraph. Well today was laundry day, and we did laundry. We finished in good time, actually sooner than I expected so that was good 'cause then Andrea, Mallory, Sarah, and I had enough time to get groceries for sups. Supper was amazing and German. We had Kayya Shpetyla and it was one of the best things I ever put in my mouth.

Well, anyways, after supper we went to Pastor Henri and Pastor-wife Sandy's house, who have so graciously opened up their home for us to stay overnight and have breakfast in the morning! Hospitality to the extreme. At the moment we are watching Amazing Grace and some are playing cards. We just had big bowls of 'vegetables' which were really tasty.

I am humbled by the way that God is taking care of us and providing abundantly for our needs. Amazing! I also did the devo today, so I was encouraged by God's reminder that He is near and faithful to finish in us what He started and that we should therefore press on.

Speaking of pressing on, I am looking forward to pressing on to bed tonight and then going to the Mars Hill Easter service tomorrow! Amen. Das hast du alles shon gemacht.

March 23, 2008


Dear diary,
Last night we had a sleepover at the pastor's house. So this morning we had breakfast there and went to the 11 o'clock service at Mars Hill Church.

It was amazing.

Pastor Mark talked about why Jesus's resurrection is a fact and why it is important for us today.

He preached clearly the Gospel which was really encouraging. I really like the Mars Hill Church. Even though it's so big they are down to earth. And I really like Pastor Mark's teaching. It's bible based and the truth. It's not a wishi-washi feel-good sermon.

Last Sunday the theme was: "Good Friday - the day of atonement". He talked about how Jesus was crucified, he described the bloody procedure and everything. In the end he asked: "You know why all this blood was shed? Do you know why he suffered? Because WE sinned. Because we are sinful and need Him to be reconciled back to Him."

He wasn't afraid to talk about us and our sin. It was really good and encouraging to see such a big church preaching the "uncomfortable" truth.

After the sermon today they had five people being baptized and during the worship service they had a "spontaneous" baptism. They invited people who were already believers to come and be baptized if the Lord led them to do it. They had extra clothes in the back, so the people getting baptized spontaneously wouldn't have to worry about that.

Many got baptized. One father got baptized and then baptized his own son and daughter. Another mother got baptized and baptized her daughter afterwards as well.

The worship leader was looking to the baptism tank (which was on the other side of the stage) and asked: "This the last one?" And the pastors in the tank held the girl and looked and him and said: "Yes..." Then the worship leader (who's also a pastor there) looked again and recognized his own daughter.

He started crying right away, saying that he'd been praying for that and then he asked her questions to clarify that she knew what she was doing and for her to declare that she was a child of God (eg: "Do you know what Jesus did for you? Did He give you a new heart?" etc...) Then he got to baptize his own little girl. It was the sweetest thing ever.

We start to think: "How can she make such a decision? She's just a little girl." But Jesus said: "Let the little children come to me, they will inherit the kingdom of heaven." And the Bible tells us to have child-like faith. Kids don't think about it as grown-ups do. They just believe. I can learn from that so much. Not to doubt Him but only to believe Him. It sounds so simple - simple enough for a child like her to understand that. And no doubt about it: she knew what she was doing. It was great.

From our group Lydia and Elena both got baptized. It was so moving.

It was so cool to see at Easter Sunday where we celebrate that Jesus defeated death for us and is alive to actually see Him living through others and them declaring it in front of the whole congregation - wow! Death is defeated!

How great is our God!

In the afternoon we had some free time so many of us used it to get some rest. At six we left to go out for dinner - Elena's parents were here and invited us to dinner. It was the most interesting dinner I had in a long time. We ate in 1 1/2 hour 19 different dishes. WOW. Soo good. ;-)

After that we went to the St. Mark church again where we attended the complaint service. Afterwards Verena, Mallory and me had a fun time taking pictures. ;-)

All in all it was a really good day, blessed with fellowship, good food and His work!

He is risen indeed. He's alive and working!

March 24, 2008




Hmmmm....maybe I'll say "dear journal" instead, it sounds a little more gender inclusive. I don't know of many boys that have diaries, but instead call them journals :)

Anyways, before I get on to the events today, it would probably be best to first explain the exciting events of the night previous. It all started around 11 pm as we were pulling into the steep driveway of Three Tree Church (try saying that a lot of times real fast- talk about a tongue twister) and we noticed that not only the parking lot was totally packed with cars, but passing lanes along side the parking rows were also filled as well.

After a few awkward moments of not only wondering what could be happening at the church so late at night (we maybe thought the Hispanic Romanians were back) but also why the had parked in such a way Kevin, our fearless leader and driver, pressed down on the emergency brake and we parked on the hill on the driveway leading up to the church.

As we entered the building separate from the church, anticipating peace, solitude, and rest after a very long day, we were suddenly taken back by the clasp of loud thunder and the rumblings of loud speakers. To our shock and surprise, a Sunday school class was watching The Passion of the Christ! Oh yeah... If the day hadn't gone so well, I may have been tempted to feel really frustrated, but the total irony and hilarity of the situation was just to overwhelming not have a lot of good laughs over it.

Therefore, as the girls got ready for bed that night in the bathroom, we enjoyed singing at the top of our lungs silly songs like, I Just Want to Be a Sheep. Sarah especially, got in the groove and belted out some especially loud verses from this song. Between 12:30 and 1:00 am the Sunday school class left and we all got to bed to enjoy what we thought would be a full night of rest.....little did we know....

Around 2 in the morning Manuela got up to use the restroom, but soon realized after exiting the bathroom that the alarm for the building had been tripped, and she would have to turn it off. Unfortunately, the Sunday school group had set the alarm after leaving, forgetting that twelve people were still sleeping inside.

Manuela woke of Andrea, Andreas, and Kevin to help turn off the alarm, but as they called the phone number listed on the alarm box, and were asked for a security password, they soon realized that they couldn't remember the password the pastor had given them.

However, Kevin was convinced that he had it somewhere on the tip of his tongue and if he could have some time to think about it, he would remember the password again. I don't think he convinced the operator on the phone because they very shortly showed up at the building and likewise wanted to hear a password. Again Kevin was hazily trying to remember the password but it wouldn't come to him. The police officer made a few threats to take everyone outside to lay down on the pavement before Kevin finally called the pastor to get the password from him.

By this time however, alarms were blaring throughout the whole building, and most people inside were convinced that an incredibly loud car alarm was going off (don't forget that it was around 2 and 3 in the morning so everyone's perceptions were pretty dull).

I however, slept though it and never once heard an alarm or even dreamed of one. This I find a little disconcerting because such things are meant to wake people up in situations of emergencies. Well, if anyone wants to borrow a pair of really good ear plugs, you can borrow mine some time :)

Finally the next morning, everyone was pretty groggy around the breakfast table. I think some people like Kevin were still mostly asleep. Coffee was served in abundance and Sarah shared a devotional from Isaiah 40 about weariness and God being our strength- talk about timeliness!

The events of the day went by pretty smoothly after that except for the desire of everyone to get a really early night sleep. The majority of the group painted the 4th floor hallway and either, sang, whistled, chanted, or just made noise the whole time. It was lots of fun and laughs. Some of the residents later said is was so nice to hear the laughs and merrymaking of our group, it really livened up the place. Other member of the group weren't feeling so well so they found a few hours to rest here and there.

Finally that night around 8:30 pm we left UGM and headed back to Three Tree Church. To our relief, the parking lot was completely empty, not a person in sight, and we each enjoyed a truly full night of rest. Praise the Lord!

Today indeed was a good day to experience God's provision of rest and energy. Isaiah 40: says...

March 25, 2008


Dear diary,
Right now we all are waiting until the "AA 's " have left "our" building. It has been a quite full day, with lots of things to do, but I better start to tell you how we started out this morning.

We all went to bed early, had an uninterrupted night (without Manuela tripping the alarm and Kevin not remembering the password ....but who in the world would remember that at 2:30 am, right?) with lots of sleep, and as the first sunbeams hit the ground in Seattle, our nice guys Thomas, Mark, Andreas (or Hilli) and Kevin got up to set the table for breakfast...hmm..yummy..

As always there was a fight regarding the "Nutella spread" and the honey nuts cheerios, but after a while it got quiet at the table again. We had to take a picture of the future " Lampe's " , who decided to hide behind their green hoodies and looked like ninjas.

Verena's "spiritual snack" was a good reminder that it is not about our ability or "not ability", but about God who qualifies us for the tasks he has given to us.

At 9:20 we left for the shelter and arrived there as usual by 10:00 am. We did different things like painting the 4th floor, an office in the 2nd floor and a deep cleaning of the library in the shelter, in which I was involved, and were I had the honor to clean with Manu and Pipi Longsocks (sorry, Mallory :-)

Lunch devotion started later again, and today Dawn shared her testimony. It was amazing for me to see how God was waiting for her prayer, as she acknowledged to be at the end of herself, and God ready to help, showing her that He is in control, and making a way for her to come to the UGM after her imprisonment. The song: God will make a way, where there seems to be no way came into my mind.

In the afternoon people were cleaning everywhere again, and while Thomas, Mallory, Kevin and I were scrubbing the floor, we met a kind of scary man asking for a woman that was living in the shelter and finally a staff member came down to take care about the situation.

For supper we had meat loaf and M&M's , and then we hung out in the CAC, where Kevin started reading some children books to us, which was lots of fun.

At 6:30 some elderly ladies came in to prepare for the monthly Birthday Party in the shelter, and we all got some cake and ice cream. After that we had bible classes with Laura and the kids and did some Spring crafts. I just must say, that I was very impressed by the huge "paper ladybug" that was handmade by the Hillers (!) which even had movable wings (!!!) !

Finally we drove home, and some people played "cafe international" in the pastor's office, until the AA's left.

Everybody was so tired that we all were in bed by curfew ( I am assuming), and had a good night sleep, until Mallory decided the next morning to go to the bathroom and stepped into the hallway and in doing this she....tripped the alarm...but in the meantime we were so quick and organized that it wasn't a problem at all: run up to the boys room, wake up Kevin, run down, enter the code, call the security and .....remember the password which is something from the bible, starts with ..."re..." and no police had to come this time! After that (6:00am) everyone went to bed again to start the new day some hours later with a wonderful breakfast!

Thanks for being so patient..

March 26, 2008


Dear Diary,
A new day!!

What a fun day... I guess the highlight was to see Master K dancing! Or Thomas? Or Mark? I think we will all have a great "hip hop dance" future.

And Elena and Maria are still practicing.

After our little dance performance which was meant to be for the kids, ok, it seemed like we stole their show a little bit, we had a bible study with kids who didn't listen. Then we tried to hide creatively that the ducks or birds we made, were actually only flying paper plates.

Ok, I should probably start in the morning. Elena and me got to organize the closing room where all the donated clothing was put in. We emptied a lot of boxes and plastic bags and found a spot for the stuff to put. One funny event during that morning was to think about why one woman donated two dresses that look exactly the same. Why does she have two that are exactly the same?

While we were doing that, Maria and Lydia finished painting the TV room on the fourth floor. Unfortunately the white paint was empty and they had to do it again in another white...

The shelf in the basement is now free from all mold and nicely organized. Thanks to all who helped.

The mystery of the rat hidden in one of the classrooms is not a mystery anymore. The rat is a pigeon!! Luckily people caught the pigeon and people can enter that room again without fear.

It was really encouraging today to have our devotions with the people from the shelter. Mark's testimony/devotions really spoke to their hearts. I was encouraged to see how God led one of the women to our devotions group today and to whom the message totally spoke. It's great to see how God places exactly those people in our life that we need. It's such a privilege that God uses people to speak to other people and that we can be these people but also that the living testimony of the people in the shelter is so encouraging for us and that we can see how real God is!!

March 27, 2008


Dear Diary,
The Theme of the day was: Today I lay before you Life and death Deut. 30:19

Breakfast - Today was the day of the start with eggs. We had all what we need and we can be very thankful for this but we often forget.

Devo - Thomas shared his amazing story about his anger about people they sin against him. He thought he never can forgive them and he compared this situation with Jonah. He was angry about God because God showed grace to Nineveh. Now Thomas is released from his anger and forgave his abusers. It was a real encouragement to forgive fast and deeply because of Gods grace to us.

On Shelter - We had a hard time to find a Parking lot for the bus. In the beginning on the shelter there was not much exciting to do. One group painted a double room. One was fixing the carpet shampoo machine. After 11:00 some of us went shadowing case manager. After lunch we had our devo time with Thomas and Bea the receptionist. Manu my wife leaded us through, cool normally she is shy but now God makes her more open to have freedom to speak. Bea shared her testimony.

She was drug addicted and gave 5 children birth. She was later a prostitute and she had no place to sleep, homeless. She prayed without really to believe that God would help her. But God send her an Police Officer as angel. He was always looking after her.

She was in prison several times and the last time when she was able to go out her place to stay was eventually the shelter. She got released from her addiction but she thought it would not be successful but God gave her endurance. She started a new life with God. Very emotional and exciting story.

Focus meeting - Lydia, Elena and me went to a focus meeting with Corina an 18 years old girl. She missed a lot of meetings and classes so that it seems to be to much for her. She had a lot going on with her family, her ex-fiancé and new boys.

She spend a lot of time texting and phoning and even in the community meetings she was not able to stop. Staff told her that her first addiction is not drugs it is relationship. The staff wanted to help her, so they gave her black out, what means all time in the shelter except meeting with her dad and church. The second help was: no cellphone in meetings and a third help what I don't remember. She accepted the 2. and 3 help but for the first one she ask if its possible tomorrow. She already planned this day. It has to begin now, was the answer.

We all thought please chose the right thing but she wring her body and she war choosing to leave the shelter. Later Elena brought up the bible verse: “Today I lay down before you to choose life or death.” She choose death. Both girls started tearing. After that her answer of the question was she was planning for today was she plan to meet a boy.

We prayed together and Jonny sad to her we love you we care for you. She had time to arrange her moving until tomorrow afternoon. And she are welcome to come again. We had a very emotional time there and Lydia said that she are in the same shoe like her but all the women have a tendency to this addiction.

The marriage is the picture of Jesus and the church and this is at most under attack. But what a love showed the stuff to her and Jonny think this is not the last time for her in this house. Amazing how high the rate from the women's shelter is 78% of the guests graduate. God is really on work there this was really exiting to see. At night we had a good time at church to share our experience and we prayed for her.

God is in control

March 28, 2008


Dear diary,
Our day started out with having breakfast extra early (7:00am) in order to make it to the community meeting on time. The meeting started out with the ladies singing...I just want to be a sheep, ba, ba, ba, ba....

A song that we had previously been looking forward to, but that we had not heard yet. They said some goodbyes and gave us a card...unfortunately somebody requested for us to do our 'hip hop dance' that we had 'learned' during that week. They would not let us back out...we danced...I do not know how everyone else did I was to busy making mistakes and trying to fix them before anybody noticed...

We did not work too hard today we cleaned up the rooms we had painted Thursday but most people cleaned the floor and made it shine:) We all had the opportunity to attend the staff meeting after devotions, there were two focus meetings and a 'why changing' class which was about are sin nature and addictions.

I find it amazing that the lady leading the class was one and a half years clean and sober, Jesus can do miraculous things! We got to hear the cook Kathy's testimony; being born addicted, using at age eight, joining the circus and the life that goes with it, and so much more, but she found Christ, Even the most 'hopeless' case has hope with Christ.

Goodbyes were hard knowing that we may never see them again, but happy because you know that you will see them in heaven! We went to DQ and talked about our experiences and expectations that had changed. I was truly blessed by this trip!

March 29, 2008


Dear diary,
This day began very early... It was Kevin's birthday and after we finished the movie "28 days" yesterday it was just around midnight. So we got the ice cream cake out of the freezer, put the candles on it, lightened them and then somebody told us that Kevin went to the bathroom...

So we went there too and waited in front of it. Then... the door of the bathroom opened up and we started singing: "Happ..." but it was Thomas!!! We had a hard time holding back our laughter! But then finally Kevin came out and we sang "Happy Birthday" for him :) He was surprised and some of us ate some ice cream.

After a not very long sleep we had a nice brunch and after this we left for our afternoon activity. Kevin, Andrea, Thomas, Hilli and I went to The Museum Of Flight. This was so interesting! We saw a lot of very old planes and modern huge ones, especially the guys really enjoyed it!

The other people went to a huge mall and did some shopping. When we got home some prepared us a very good dinner: we had scalloped potatoes and sausages. Soooo gooood! After that some of us played again "Cafe international". We packed our stuff and went to bed, the last night on the floor! We are all excited to go back to Capernwray!

Thank you Lord for these great two weeks! Thank you for all the blessings You poured out over us and the shelter!



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