Capernwray Harbour Journals: Mexico Journal

Thursday, March 9, 2006
Alanda Hovius

         Today was our first day of traveling down to Mexico. Thank God for safety on the roads and fairly good weather. All the way from Thetis Island to Eugene we had all kinds of different weather. At the US border we had snow - about an inch of it. We also had periods of rain and patches of sun, etc. We arrived in Eugene at 6:30 pm.

          After lunch, we listened to the first part of Hans Peter Royer's teaching on Finding Truth Through Experience. He talked about faith. You can have faith in a lot of things that aren't true. For example, you can have faith that a pond covered in a thin layer of ice will hold you when you walk on it, but in reality it won't hold you at all. So we see that faith is only good if your faith is in the right object. It is better to have faith the size of a mustard seed (Matt. 17:20) when it is in the Lord Jesus because it is the object of our faith that is the most important.


  Capernwray Harbour Mexico picture

Friday, March 10, 2006
Sarah Weiler

On the road again..."

          5:45 in Eugene, USA and the first of fourteen clocks starts to ring. While the "early-morning-30 minute duty-kitchen-crew" is preparing our PBJ's, the rest of us enjoy self made banana-muffins, pineapple and CAFÉ!

          After that and the encouraging input from our friend Jolin, we are ready for the day and all the things that the Lord has set before us today!

          To be on the road for about 10 hours is probably not the most exciting and thrilling place to be - but the Lord was truly faithful to do His work and showed us especially through the beautiful and powerful nature that He is obviously a great and awesome God. And the song we heard in the van, "the universe declares your majesty" became again so real by watching His creation.

          After a good lunch bag with PBJ and lots of other treats, we were on the road again! This time, with a special guest on board: Hans Peter Royer (director of the Torors Center, Austria). In the cassette, we listened to, he spoke about John 14 and that Jesus, after going up to heaven, became for us what His Father was for Him! So clearly he reminded us of the fact that we on our own can do nothing, as Jesus could do nothing on His own strength (John 5:15). But, through the Father, He was able to do what His Father called Him to do! In the same way, He, Jesus, will give us all the strength, the grace and the mercy we need to accomplish His will TODAY!

          I thank God that He reminded us of that, especially on the way down to Mexico! That we on our own cannot do anything for these people or even please Him, but that we will if we are dependent on Jesus and realize how much we need Him in our daily walk. We cannot love the people or rides down here or even one another, but He will give it to us, so that we are able to lay down our lives for one another, not just in words, but in actions and truth (1 John 2:18).



Saturday, March 11, 2006
Victor Barrientos

We left California and we went to eat at IN-N-OUT but the most obvious thing that God did that day was how He took care of us during the road trip and the control He had of all situations. Then, we listened to a tape about faith. There was a big motivation to know that what we were doing was in faith. God opened the doors of Mexico and prepared the way and took control of every second of the trip. When we got down to Mexico, we went with Sergio to the main streets in downtown Tijuana. We were faced with a hard and heavy reality. We went to the street where there was more prostitution and drug addictions in Tijuana. We saw a reality that we couldn't escape. The world needs the love of Christ and to recognize that He is the Light and that He gave us that light so we can share it and bring light to the darkness.

          Something that I thought was that if we have light but not love or faith, it's easy to hide that light. When Jesus walked in the world, what He did was He saw people in the darkness and He felt compassion for them. He gave them light because He is Light.

          We live in the world of darkness. It doesn't matter if it is in the street of Tijuana or in our own places. Everyone in the same way needs the big piece of the puzzle of life. That is Christ. There is no sin big or small that Christ hasn't covered. There is no soul who doesn't need God. That's our reason to live, to share the love of Christ with others. If that is not our reason then it doesn't make sense to be in this world. Thanks to our Father because He gave us faith to walk and to see and to do things we haven't seen.

          But they are in the world of faith waiting for us. Let's activate by faith what Christ gave us so we can see His Glory in our lives.
          Isaiah 58:10-11, 60:2

  Capernwray Harbour students on missions

Monday, March 13, 2006
Rachel Ingels

Dear Journal,

          Well, today was our first full day at the orphanage and I must say, I really enjoyed myself. We had oatmeal for breakfast, which made things even better. Oh yes, and I can't forget the amazing truck ride four of us girls went on. This wasn't just any truck ride, we were sitting pretty much on top of the truck... and it was illegal!

          At the orphanage, we forgot the toys we had brought so by about eleven, I know at least I was thinking, "Oh man, what are we gonna do for the next 5 hours?" Thankfully, and I'm sure it was to the team's great delight, we discovered what the word "ackapuche" meant, and gave piggy-back rides for the rest of our time there. For supper, Sergio's wonderful friends made us some great food. Then we all went our separate ways. The girls had a little sing-along. I don't know what the guys did. I'm sure it was great.



Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Karalee Koop

          We had breakfast once again at 6:30 am. Jordan led devotions on 1 John 2:18-27. It talks about how we have the Holy Spirit within us that speaks the truth. If the Holy Spirit abides in us, this helps us from being deceived. It's so easy for us to be deceived by lies so we need to continually choose to abide in Christ and believe in Him.
          We headed back to City of Angels, the orphanage. God blessed us once again with safety and a beautiful, hot and sunny day. Despite a few "minor accidents", things went well. We finished the work that we wanted to - drywalling the room, put in the door and some other jobs. It was a fun day hanging out with the kids again. It's cool that we could be there for the kids and be with them. Each one of them are God's children and God loves them as much as He loves us.

          We came back to where we were staying and had supper - beans and rice and a hamburger "stew". We had sharing time after supper about our day and what God taught us or what encouraged us. Some shared how it was neat to see one-on-ones with us and the kids. Someone shared that they were encouraged that we got the work done and the drywall all up and how the kids were excited about it too. Then we pretty much headed off to bed.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Sarah Stephenson

          Today was our fourth day in Tijuana and it was definitely the hottest so far. Today we did work at a couple of different places, but before we got to these, Sergio had the guys load up cement blocks onto a truck. Our first job was to build some steps with the cement blocks for a lady because when it rains, her yard is really muddy.

On the way there, Ralf got pulled over by the police because there was no license plate on the truck and one mud flap was missing. Sergio got out of his vehicle and managed to talk his way our of the ticket. After a rather bumpy ride on a Mexican dirt road, we arrived to build steps and do some landscaping in the backyard. It was fun being there. We were all busy doing something. We wound up doing a walkway, a place for her car and a walkway from her car to the other walkway. We also were able to finish all of the work in the backyard.

          We spent the afternoon at the junior orphanage. While we were there, the guys were busy building a rook over a bathroom and the girls played with the kids but other than that had not much else to do. This was the most trying experience of the day for me. It was a test of my patience. I'm so used to being busy and having things to do. It was hard to me to realize that even the things that seem so little and boring to me can be meaningful and important to God. It was a lesson of trusting in Him and letting Him perform His will in my life.


  Capernwray Harbour student working

Thursday, March 16, 2006
Nathan Sterkenburg

          We woke up and had eggs, hash browns and cereal. Then we drove to the junior orphanage that we went to yesterday. We were just finishing up the projects we started yesterday: a couple of people were working on the roof over the large bathroom. Ralf and another guy worked on another roof, smaller ones for the girls room.

Then the rest of the group either played with the kids or else moved a very large pile of dust out of the way so they could pour a cement pad there. That was the major project of the day and what most people worked on. Multiple blisters arose from it. The work wasn't fun, challenging or exciting but the entire group kept at it from start to finish.

          We left the orphanage earlier after an emotional goodbye and thanks from the body that runs it, so that we could go out and have supper at a Mexican restaurant, probably the best meal of the week even though it was the same thing we had almost every day: tortillas. After supper, Sergio drove us around Tijuana and he took us to the first orphanage he started around 20 years ago. It was very different because it had over 80 kids and was a much nicer facility. But it was still sort of the same, with the kids all wanting love from whoever would give it to them. We met another group from Virginia at that orphanage - well, we only really met one person, Breanna.

          We didn't spend very much time at the orphanage before Sergio took us on another tour of Tijuana, showing us the ocean and the bull rings and stuff like that till he took us home to go to bed.



Friday, March 17, 2006
Matt Palk

          We woke up and we had breakfast and went to the market. There, we, or I learned a lot from the attitude of sales people because they want to sell anything because that's their living. When we were driving to Mexicali in the van, God was teaching me patience because it was very tight space and really hot, plus I had a lot of my stuff in the seat with me but I had patience to get through. Also, God protected us which was awesome. We could have fallen off the cliffs but God protected us from that and with safe driving that day. I also thank God for warm food in Mexicali when we got there.



Saturday, March 18, 2006
Peter Carey

          We got up today, had breakfast and then the guys were told to go onto the lawn of the camp and pull weeds while the girls painted chairs (and themselves). The work wasn't that bad and it reminded me of the curse that man received in Genesis due to disobedience. At first, I wasn't really into it but then as it went on I got into it and had some good talks with Ralf, Matt and Eric.

          That night, the guys went our to a men's meeting that was in Spanish. It was nice to see the fellowship that was obviously having God in as the center of it all. Then we had a good supper there and a weird rice drink, then drove home and went to bed... the girls took the evening off and chillaxed.


Monday, March 20, 2006
Alanda Hovius

          Today we went to the church in Johnson to work. There were 3 jobs we were working on. The girls painted more chairs, several of the boys dug holes for new outhouses and Ralf and Victor worked on tiling. We worked until lunchtime, then we had lunch at "Sister Rose's" house.

Then we headed back to the campground where we decided what we were going to do tonight for the service. The service went well tonight as well as playing with the kids during the sermon. We did a little skit about the story of Joseph and then played some games with the kids.

          When we got back, Ted shared from 1 John 4:9-15. He shared about love - God's example of love towards us and how we should love others. Verse 9-10 show how God loves us. He sent His Son into the world to give Him satisfaction for our sins. Then the challenge in verse 11 - if God so loved us, we ought to love one another. When we do love one another, God's character is seen in our lives (v. 12). Why? Because God is love (1 John 4:8). For me, one thing that has challenged me is do I actually really love the people here. Am I coming down here just to serve and to do stuff for people (although that is an effect of love) or am I in Mexico because the love I have for the people gives me the desire to help and spend time with them? True love is only by His Spirit working through us.

Capernwray Harbour in Mexico

Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Sarah Weiler

          It is just 5:30 in the morning but the sun is already shining. What a joy to be woken up by the sun. With that in mind, day number 13 begins. Sleepy eyes, slow movers and a desire for café are signs of the every day morning ritual, but of course it is nothing that could stop us from doing the things that God has set before us today.

          For the boys, it means very practically to build some very deep, deep holes for "los banos". The girls were very busy painting chairs in the sun and kept on trying to get a nice tan.

          Exhausted and red, we returned to our "home" and for the highlight of the day we all went together for supper after the evening service. From Parkares over Tacos, Buridos and Quidadillos, we got everything that our heart desired.

          Thanks be to God for how he provided for us in so many ways. For all the strength He gave us in the midst of all the work. For all the joy even though our work didn't seem that effective sometimes. For all the things He shored us individually throughout the day. It is great to know that even on such an ordinary day, we can please Him in giving our lives to Him and being available and obedient to the tasks He gives us! When we are faithful in the small things, then He knows we will be faithful in greater things!



Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Victor Barrientos

          The last day in Mexico, in the morning, we divided the group and went to work at the church.
          After working, God taught me about patience because we had to wait for the pastor when we didn't have to. Then we went back to Olen's place. The group had lunch there. Then Olen and his wife shared their testimonies with us and God talked to me one more time about faith. We have to be secure when He calls us to do something knowing that He provides and He holds us. Their testimony encouraged me to keep walking in faith knowing that God has a perfect plan for my life.

          After that, we went to get ready for the evening church service. Then in the evening we went to the church and enjoyed the last night with the kids. We did dramas and games. It was sad to say goodbye but we know that God is the same there and wherever we are. So He will be faithful to complete His job with those people. In the end, I just thanked God for His faithfulness all of the time and for letting us serve Him in His kingdom.


  Capernwray Harbour student outside service

Thursday, March 23, 2006
Tanaya Rowland

          Today we woke up at three so that we could be ready to leave at four in order to spend a couple hours at a beach in California. We finally arrived at the beach at around eleven, but the early morning turned out to be worth it. The beach was gorgeous and we were able to get a quick glimpse of the Hollywood stars and the famous Hollywood sign. We then proceeded to drive... and drive... and then continue driving. During all of this driving, we looked out of the window while we're on the I5 and saw Rob, Danny, Tim, Travis and Jeff yelling and waving their arms crazily. We met up with them for dinner at IN-N-OUT Burger to hear about their wild road trop and talk about how crazy it was that we saw them. After that, we continued driving until we got to Tracy, California where we spent the night.


Friday, March 24, 2006
Rachel Ingels

          Dear Journal,

          We are now finished day 2 of our 3 day van ride and I must say, not much happened. That's ok though, it gave us all time to think about what God taught or still is teaching us from the trip. We arrived in Eugene, Oregon around 5 pm, perfect timing for Ralph to pick up his stroller. We then had supper at Karl's Jr., did a bit of shopping and headed over to the church. The team settled in and then met for one final time of sharing (and a bit of singing).

As awkward as it was to have Peter video-taping what we were saying, I was really encouraged by what everyone shared. God definitely did some amazing work in the hearts of the team.



Saturday, March 25, 2006
Karalee Koop

          We had breakfast at around 6:30 am. Ted shared devotions, 1 John 5:11-21. It talks about how we who believe in Jesus have eternal life. We can have confidence that whatever we ask God according to His will, He hears our prayer and will give us our requests. We are God's children and the evil one cannot hurt us. We should pray to God when we see people sinning. Jesus Christ is eternal life. We who are believers are living eternal life. Overall in this book of 1 John we've been encouraged to live in love.

          We continued our journey home. We missed a ferry going to Nanaimo by about 10 minutes. So we had to wait for over an hour to go on a ferry to Victoria. We ate at sort of a "mall" or "food court" at the ferry place and hung around there for a while. We got on the ferry around 5:00 pm. From Victoria we drove to Duncan and ate at Tim Hortons. We made the 8:45 pm ferry to Thetis Island. Thank you Jesus for keeping us safe and help us to remember the things that you taught us.

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