Capernwray Harbour Bible School Podcast Lectures
Assembled below are podcasts of lecturers who have taught at Capernwray Harbour...including a complete set of the 2009 / 2010 Bible School year lectures for you to review.  Click on the lecturer's name or picture to view their list of topics. You can also download any of these podcasts!

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Capernwray Harbour Bible School Student photo.

Ian Thomas

The late Major W. Ian Thomas was truly a giant in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ. Born in London, England, Major Thomas founded Torchbearers International, served as the first Principal of Capernwray Bible School, UK, authored several books, and made many audio recordings with Capernwray Media Ministries. His legacy continues to live on in the lives of those who have been touched by the ministry he founded and to which he sacrificially committed his life.

Billy Strachan

The late Billy Strachan was born in Scotland. As a young man, Billy met the Lord and began an exciting life which took him all over the world sharing the good news of a risen, indwelling, saviour. Billy was the second Principal of Capernwray Bible School, UK, Honorary President, Capernwray Bible Schools International, and a teacher with Radio Bible Class and the Day of Discovery TV broadcasts.

Charlie Fordham

As Director of Torchbearers Capernwray Canada, Charlie Fordham provides pastoral leadership, training people for "FULL TIME" Christian service...regardless of their occupation through teaching and preaching God's Word locally and abroad.

Jerry Benjamin

Jerry travels internationally, teaching in a uniquely dynamic way, the revelation of Jesus Christ as being the Christian Life while giving emphasis to the Jewish and historical background of the Bible. His one aim in life is to know Christ and make Him known, whether in Bible teaching or casual conversation!

Bruce Campbell

The Lord's equipping is evident as Bruce Campbell delivers insightful, well prepared and practical Bible Teaching to Christian workers, Missionaries, congregations including Bible School student groups such as Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre on Thetis Island and Capernwray Quebec Bible Centre in the touristy heartland of Quebec, Canada. Bruce has been a Guest Teacher and coworker in various ways at Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre for over 30 years. Bruce with his wife Pat ...also his coworker in various ministries makes home base: Eugene, Oregon, USA.

Richard Dahlstrom

Whether at home, serving as Senior Pastor of Bethany Community Church or as he travels internationally as a Torchbearers International Field Rep, Richard Dahlstrom's infectious love for the Lord Jesus and people is evident. Richard's thought-provoking teaching directs the thinking mind and searching heart to the person of Jesus Christ.

Clayton Dougan

Born & raised in Falkirk, Scotland, Clayton answered God's call into a full time, life long ministry of evangelism. He travels both within North America and overseas under the umbrella of Evangelism International sharing with passion & enthusiasm the 'Good News' of Christ's Resurrection Life.

Ben Ellershaw

Ben came on board as a Property Maintenance Assistant after studying for 2 years at Capernwray Harbour. Ben grew up in the northwest part of England and is known for his quick wit, his deep love of Jesus and football. Ben met his wife Miriam during his years of Bible School and was married in 2013.

Barry Friesen

Barry's roots are in the Peace River Country of Northern Alberta. He studied music & youth ministry in PEI and went on to seminary studies in Illinois in addition to serving church congregations in both locations. Barry attended a Holiday Bible Week in 2009 and enrolled in the Bible School programme shortly thereafter. His participation in the Leadership Training Programme followed the year after. Barry contributes a mature knowledge of the Word of God and a desire to disciple and encourage to the staff team.

Jacques Gabizon

Jacques is the founding director of Ariel Ministries Canada (a branch of Ariel Ministries based in the USA) which facilitates the ongoing work of evangelism & discipleship to Jews and Gentiles. Jacques makes his home in Montreal, Quebec with his wife Sharon and leads Beth Ariel, a Messianic Congregation made up of Jewish & Gentile believers.

Elizabeth Joslin

Elizabeth Joslin has served at Capernwray Harbour since 1996. Whether she is registering conference guests, or corresponding with future staff members, her attention to detail and concern for others is an outpouring of the love & faithfulness she has received from the Lord Jesus.

Elizabeth grew up in Calgary, AB and spent two years at CHBC as a student before following the call of the Lord to join the full-time staff team.

Ralf Kempe

Born and raised in East Germany, Ralf Kempe came to Christ in 1992. He attended Schloss Klaus in Austria prior to attending the LTS Programme at Capernwray Harbour and joining the staff team in 2001. Whether supervising maintenance projects or transforming earth and rock into celebrations of God's handiwork, Ralf relies on the Lord's wisdom and strength to share His Life with others in the daily tasks he finds set before him. Ralf is married to Ruth and is the proud father of Anna & Timothy.

Wayne Lee

With his wife Maria they make their home base of ministry in the Pastorate of a church in Duncan, BC ...the vicinity where he grew up and raised their family. Wayne has also served as a Pastor in the Province of Alberta and prior to that, was a Trucker by profession! Wayne has loved whatever the Lord has given him to do and even more so the teaching of the Word of God by the unction of the Holy Spirit as He practically and accurately opens the Word of God to proclaim Christ in Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre ...both in Bible School as well as in the occasional conferences.

Charlie McCall

Charlie McCall directs the exciting Bible School and camp ministry of His Hill, the Torchbearer Centre located near Comfort, Texas. In his warm southern-style, Charlie will unfold the truths in God's Word and highlight the necessity and practicality of them in our lives today.

Peter Phipps

With much Bible research and "learning" through the years of life, Peter Phipps opens God's Word in very practical teaching. Peter Phipps has served the Lord in churches, colleges and study groups in the UK, eastern Europe, Asia and North America. With Elizabeth his wife he makes "home" in South Wales.

Chris Thomas

Chris has a worldwide ministry, proclaiming Christ as the only Saviour, Lord and Life. Chris encourages those he meets to follow wholeheartedly after the Lord Jesus. As General Director of Torchbearers International and an itinerant Bible teacher, Chris is known as a 'Quality Pastor'.

Equipped to Serve

A group of lecturers share with us the variety of their life experiences, their prayers, their laughter, their thoughts. This survey of lecturers offers insights into our relationship with God and our relationships with others. We come away equipped for full-time Christian service, regardless of occupation.

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