Financing, Budgeting, and Expenses for Capernwray Bible School
Financing and budgeting form an important part of planning for any post-secondary education. This section gives you information about tuition costs, medical expenses, and other typical expenses at Capernwray Bible School.
At Capernwray Bible School, financial planning for your year is encouraged.
Your year at Capernwray Bible School will be more enjoyable if you carefully consider all of the items described here; financial issues, after all, must be addressed clearly and responsibly for your maximum peace of mind.

How much is a year of Bible School?

At Capernwray Harbour Bible School, we run a One Year Programme from mid-September through early May. The total tuition fee for Bible School 2018/19 is $12,900 CAD. The only additional costs will be personal expenses, including optional outreach/missions opportunities.

This full amount is also considered a charitable donation for income tax purposes for Canadians. This applies to anyone who makes a tuition payment on a Capernwray Harbour student's behalf.

Capernwray Bible School main building, one of the many historic Thetis Island, British Columbia Bible School's landmarks.

Capernwray Bible School expenses need to be planned before the Bible School year begins.

How much spending money should I plan on for the year at Capernwray Bible School?

A suggested budget for spending money is $250 CAD per month for Bible School. This would cover personal expenses such as ferry tickets, laundry, personal toiletries, personal entertainment, breaks, transportation, optional outreaches, etc.

Do you have a scholarship fund or any financial aid?

We are committed to assisting every individual in working out the details to do with tuition and payment. We are happy to be able to offer a variety of payment plans to accommodate various needs. Please contact the Capernwray Harbour Bible School Office for specific details on Bible School payment plans.

Budgeting for Bible School

For many students each year we recognize that finances can be a struggle. The thought of paying for a year of tuition can often be overwhelming! But the Lord remains faithful and loves to draw us to Himself as we learn to rely on Him, especially in this area. While trusting the Lord for His leading and provision, the items below are a few practical things we'd like to highlight or suggest in order to help you plan your finances for Bible School:

1. The full Tuition Fees are considered a charitable donation for income tax purposes in Canada. For most, this amounts to a substantial tax refund in the Spring. This would also be something to tell your church/friends/family who may like to make tuition payments on your behalf.

2. Consider whether your church family may like the opportunity to support you in this way. Many churches are happy to make tuition payments on behalf of a student who wishes to attend Bible School.

3. If you are working currently or plan to work before starting Bible School, consider disciplining yourself to set aside a portion of what you earn each month in order to save. Christmas Break and Spring Break will also provide possible opportunities to work in order to raise finances to put towards tuition fees.

APPLICANTS, PLEASE NOTE: Students are responsible for supplying their own financial support. Scholarships are not available from Capernwray Harbour.

All fees MUST be paid in Canadian dollars. Fees are considered a charitable donation for Income Tax purposes in Canada. VISA, VISA Debit, MasterCard, & Amex are accepted.

Canada Immigration Officers will require proof of financial support at the Port of Entry into Canada and/or when issuing a student visa for non-Canadians.

How do I pay the fees in Canadian dollars if I live outside of Canada?

We are able to accept VISA, VISA Debit, MasterCard, & Amex, as well as Canadian money orders, bank transfers and cash. When considering the larger tuition fee payments due at Registration, please ensure that you are aware of your daily/monthly charge or withdrawal limits so there are no unforeseen surprises at Registration. It is recommended that you advise your credit card company ahead of time of the amount that will be processed, specifically on Registration Day. No cheques from banks outside of Canada please.

British Columbia has inexpensive medical insurance for all Bible School students from all over the world.

Do I need health insurance? What do you recommend?

All non-Canadians are eligible for the Province of British Columbia's universal health care plan, "Medical Services Plan of BC". For accessibility, coverage, and cost reasons, this plan is the preferred insurance for Capernwray Harbour's non-Canadian students. For the first three months, there is a waiting period where private insurance is available for emergency medical coverage. The total cost of medical insurance for the complete Bible School year is approximately $430 CAD.

Are there medical facilities nearby?

There is a hospital and medical clinic located in Chemainus, which is within walking distance from the ferry terminal. If students have an illness or medical concern, they can see our medical staff who would make them the appropriate appointments, if necessary. Students should plan to bring their own personal supply of medication and general pain relievers. Some of these items are available in our onsite store, and can also be purchased when across in Chemainus from the Rexall Pharmacy. Students should have any medical or dental investigations done at home prior to Bible School, if there are any concerns ahead of time. There is also a 911 First Responders team on Thetis Island, in case of an emergency.

Capernrwray Bible School is near medical facilities.

Thetis Island ferry serves Capernwray Bible School several times daily.

How much does the ferry cost?

BC Ferry prices are subject to change. Please review current ferry prices at:

Do I need a computer at Capernwray?

Students are welcome to bring laptops for classroom use. The majority of students still handwrite their assignments; therefore, it is not a necessity. Student printers are not available; however, documents saved to a memory stick can be printed at the Main Office during student hours. The cost is $0.15/page.

Computers at Capernwray Bible School: nice but not necessary for Christian education.

The Capernwray Bible School campus store is stocked with many items for your daily study needs.

Is there a store on Thetis Island?

Thetis Island is a residential island with two marinas, a post office, K-7 school and several private cottage-industry businesses. On Capernwray property, we do have a small on-site store, called The Pump House. The Pump House is student operated under staff supervision and is open at specific times each day. Items such as snacks, beverages, ice cream, books, postcards, t-shirts and sweatshirts, water bottles, and miscellaneous toiletries can be purchased there. Otherwise, students can make their larger purchases on one of their trips across to Vancouver Island.

Check the Canadian dollar rate for visits to Capernwray Bible School and Conference Centre.

The Canadian Dollar exchange rate may be an important factor in your financial planning. Get up-to-date rates on this popular Currency Converter Web site.

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