FAQ: Extracurricular Activites, Breaks, and Trips
Temple tours, Missions Fest, Outreach programmmes, field trips, sports... the extracurricular activities at Capernwray Harbour Bible School come in a wide variety, and keep you very very busy.
Capernwray Bible School students playing volleyball after their Bible studies, part of their Christian education
Your activites at Capernwray Harbour Bible School do not begin and end in a Lecture Hall. Instead, consider our rich outdoor facilities, the neighbouring communities, cities, states and provinces, and indeed the entire world as a potential setting for your learning; this section provides details on our wide variety of possibilities.

What sports are available? Do you have a gym?
We do have a gym on property and there are several intramural tournaments organized throughout the year for the student body such a floor hockey, volleyball and basketball. Students can also organize individual games in their free time. We also have a Fitness Centre equipped with cardio and weight machines, as well as free weights. We also have a soccer field and nets on site and there are usually soccer games organized within the student body each Saturday afternoon.

Where do students go to church while at Capernwray Harbour?
All students are required to go across to Vancouver Island each Sunday morning to attend a church of their choice. There are a number of churches of various denominations in Chemainus. Many congregations are willing to provide rides to the service if the church is not within walking distance. Students with vehicles have the option of going further for church to places such as Duncan, Ladysmith or Nanaimo. A list of suggested churches and contact numbers is provided at the beginning of the school year.

Soccer player, one of the Capernwray Bible School students after Bible study

Can I bring a pet to the Capernwray Harbour Bible School?
Due to allergy concerns, various health issues and the affect on individuals in community living, pets are not permitted in student residences at Capernwray Harbour. (We do have a few mascots around, in case you get homesick for your dog!)

Capernwray Bible School students study at churches, mosques, temples...part of everyday theology training at this Christian Bible School!

What are the field trips throughout the year?
Missions Fest, a weekend conference held in Vancouver each January, draws about 200 mission organizations from around the world, as well as about 33 000 participants over the course of the weekend. Our students have the opportunity to serve behind the scenes during the Conference, as well as take the time to talk with missionaries from around the world to get a better idea of how they, too, could become involved in missions.

Temple Tours in April of each year, are another unique learning opportunity for our student body. Vancouver is a cosmopolitan city centre with every major world religion represented. Our students, accompanied by our full-time staff, are toured through a Hindu Temple, Buddhist Temple, Sikh Temple and Muslim Mosque, in order to become better acquainted with these religions for the purpose of personal evangelism in the future.

Can students stay at the Capernwray Harbour Bible School campus during their breaks? What do they do if they must leave?
The two Mid-Term Breaks (generally in October and February) are strategic times when both students and staff need a break from the busyness of the schedule. All students are asked to leave the campus for these four day breaks. If plans do not come together for individuals, we are happy to assist with arranging hospitality. We have a number of past guests and students locally who are happy to open their homes to our students.

The Christmas Break has purposely been made longer so that student can make a worthwhile trip home, as we have students coming from all over, so airfares can be quite costly. This also provides students with the option of finding part-time employment.

Capernwray Bible School outreach, providing Christian service, testifying to the Grace in the Bible

During the Spring Break, there are opportunities for students to go home or out on missions trips; however, there is also an opportunity for a small group of students to join our Support Staff team, as we host conference groups over that period of time. See Support Staff link for further details. Again if students need assistance with arrangements, we are happy to assist.

Capernwray Bible school student engaged in service, becoming a Christian leader

When can I sign up for the Spring Break mission trips?
There is a detailed presentation given to the student body on the missions trip options for Spring Break before the Christmas Break. This allows students to go home to discuss and pray about these options with their families and churches. Applications are due in the new year.

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