FAQ: A Day in the Student's Life at Capernwray Harbour
Your daily routine at Capernwray Harbour Bible School is determined by the weekly course schedule, your assigned responsibilities, and by your choices of activities during your free time.
Capernwray Bible School students experience the grace in the Bible in their everyday life
This section provides more detail about your daily experience at Bible School, both during the week and on weekends.

Another Bible School outdoor education achievement, part of Capernwray Christian education

Could I work while I am at school?
As we have a 100% course load and students are fully involved in community life, outreaches, classes, etc., there is no time for outside employment. In fact, this would become more of a distraction from the focus and purpose of the One Year Programme. All students are involved in practical daily duties within the community context, so there are no employment opportunities within the programme itself.

Can I leave the Capernwray Harbour campus?
Yes, students are allowed to leave campus during their free time. If a student wants to leave for an overnight, they need to fill out a 'Student Absence Request Form' and receive permission prior to leaving. The form allows Capernwray Harbour Staff to know where the student is going, when they will be returning, how we can contact them in case of an emergency and who is covering their daily duty, etc. A day trip across to Vancouver Island does not require permission unless it is during classtime.

Is there any free time? What could I do with it?
Monday through Friday, with the expection of Wednesday, students have afternoons available to them (Fridays may have one afternoon class). Weekends are also student 'downtime' through to Sunday supper. See the sample 'weekly schedule' for more information.

There is a calendar of scheduled 'extra' activities made up each year for students, as well as outreaches that happen on a weekly or monthly basis. Students are also responsible for disciplining their own time to accomplish their course assignments, as well as personal activities such as laundry, exercise, socializing, etc, so 'free time' is occupied by a variety of things. Students are also free to go across to Vancouver Island during this time. a) We also have a gym and Fitness Centre on campus, as well as computers and wifi available.

Capernwray Bible School students at the Thetis Island, British Columbia  Bible School

Capernwray Harbour Bible School studies: Ministry training in daily chores What are daily duties at Capernwray Harbour?
Each student is assigned a daily duty, which will take approximately 45 minutes. Duties cover all sorts of practical activities such as setting tables, serving the tables throughout the meals, dishes, the daily cleaning of bathrooms and various buildings, etc. This is an excellent way for students to learn to work together, acquire skills and enhance their work ethic for a lifetime investment. A healthy degree of responsibility is important to us all.

Is there a dress code? What are the guidelines?

Men & Ladies are expected to wear 'casual clean' clothes on Sundays to local church meetings and to wear dresses/skirts (ladies) or dress pants and a jacket or sweater, shirt & tie (men) to Sunday supper and Sunday evening worship meetings. This is an outward expression of our reverence and worship to the Lord as we begin a new week together as a Body, before Him.

When does the weekend begin and what are my options to do?
To a large degree, weekends starting Friday afternoon to Sunday Supper, are students' downtime. Students may be involved in some outreaches which happen on the weekend once a month. Weekends are a good time to catch up on course assignments, laundry, sleep, etc. This is unstructured time for students to choose their own priorities.

What does a week's schedule look like?
The week's schedule is full, demanding, yet energizing. It includes lectures, worship, private study, sharing testimony, and can include venture trips to one of many destinations in the opening weeks of the school year.

Sample Weekly Schedule at Capernwray Harbour Bible School

Capernwray Bible School students helping in the gym, serving for Christian Leadership training

What are your facilities for computer/internet access?
Capernwray has wifi available in our Lecture Hall and Study Loft for personal computers/devices during set student hours. There are also several computers which you may use for your computer needs and internet access. You can use these internet connections to check your own Web-based email accounts, such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc., as well as social networking sits, Skype, student-appropriate sites, such as travel sites, news sites, Christian Web resources, government sites, educational sites, research sites, etc. Note that internet access is also available at the Chemainus library and at various cafes in the town of Chemainus.

Can I bring a vehicle to Bible School?
Yes, you are welcome to bring a vehicle to Bible School with you. There is a parking lot near each of the student accommodations where you can keep your vehicle. If you do decide to bring a vehicle that is registered out-of-province, please check with your insurance company for details on coverage.

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