FAQ: Planning and Applying for Bible School
You want to make sure that you consider all application details, deadlines, and other related issues as you plan for Capernwray Bible School. Of course, the number one prerequisite is your strong desire to attend!
Applying for Bible school: anticipating in-depth Biblical training
If you are coming to Capernwray from another country as an international student, take note of the points relating to visas, travel, and arrival, graduation, departure timing.
Capernwray Harbour Bible School application for the best Christian education

What is the application deadline for entrance to Capernwray ?

There is no specific deadline for applications to be in. Rather, we have a certain number of spots available for male and female students. Once these places are filled, we will begin to waitlist applications. Acceptance for the following Fall begins each November. The earlier a completed application is received, the better one's chances of not having to deal with a waitlist situation.

Can I come to Capernwray for one term?

As we are a One Year Programme, our students are accepted for the full September to May term, with semesters set up within the course curriculum, but not for the purpose of separate enrollment.

A situation that would allow a student to come for a shorter amount of time would be if there was not full enrollment at the beginning of Bible School in September, or a student had unexpectedly withdrawn. With that scenario, we would be open to having a student join in at the next reasonable 'term' start. Of course, would not necessarily know if this was a possibility ahead of time. Therefore, not something that can be confirmed to any degree many months in advance.

Capernwray Harbour student playing basketball
Capernwray Bible School students relaxing after Bible class

Will a homeschooled graduate be accepted to Capernwray Bible School?

We are very happy to have any homeschooled graduate join us for Bible School. The only requirement is that they are 17 years of age when starting school in September. We have found that age 16 is still a little young, as it can be a huge adjustment both socially and emotionally to live in a community/campus setting.

If I am put on a waitlist, what are my chances of attending Bible School?

Every year is different and it is very difficult to predetermine each year's trend. However, to some degree, we often see a 'shift' in enrollment between June and September, when places become available and individuals from the waitlist are able to be accepted.

What are your prerequisites for acceptance?

Of course, our number one prerequisite when considering a student's application for bible study is that the student desires to attend Bible School and wants to learn and grow in their relationship and understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ. We also require that students are 17 years of age or older and graduate high school.

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Bible school students socialize after Bible class

Can I come to Capernwray Harbour Bible School early? Leave early?

Students are expected to devote themselves unreservedly to their studies in lectures and study periods, which are compulsory, and to conform willingly and promptly to the programme throughout the day. Punctuality and cooperation are essential for the smooth running and well-being of the School and for personal discipline. Students are expected to complete the course applied for; arriving on the first day of school and remaining to the closing graduation date.

Can I find out about other students going to Capernwray Bible School from my area so that we can travel together?

Through social media platforms registered students are often able to connect with one another prior to their year at Bible School. This has proved to be a helpful format for communication and conversation on details to planning for their time at Capernwray Harbour.

What is the average age of the Capernwray Bible School students?

The ages of our students varies each year. The majority are recent graduates of high school; therefore, about half the student body are ages 17, 18 or 19. However, there are plenty of students in their 20s, many college graduates, and in some years we have students in their 30s to 70s! There are always a variety of ages, cultures and backgrounds, which makes each year unique.

How many people attend Capernwray Bible School?

The student body consists of 100 to 135 students of all ages and backgrounds, coming from across Canada, the USA and worldwide. Our international student makeup is often extensive. Every year is different. It is a great size for a student body, as you are able to know who everyone is, though you do not necessarily interact with each individual every day.

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Capernwray Harbour students need a valid passport

What kind of Visa do I need if I am not Canadian?
All Non-Canadian Students must obtain a Study Permit for their time at Bible School. As of June 1, 2014, students must include Capernwray Harbour's DLI# (Designated Learning Institution Number) and associated DLI name, as follows:

DLI Name: Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre
DLI#: O19361274462

Americans are able to apply for this at the time and port of entry into Canada; appropriate documentation is required. All other international students must make application for their Study Permits through their nearest Canadian Embassy or Consulate. The application process takes from six to eight weeks. The cost of a Canadian Study Permit is $125CAD (subject to change).
For further information, please refer to the CIC (Citizenship & Immigration Canada) website (https://www.cic.gc.ca) or contact Capernwray Harbour's Main Office.

How well do I need to understand the English Language to attend Capernwray Harbour?

All students whose first or primary language is not English must demonstrate a solid grasp of both spoken and written English. This is to ensure a successful, positive and enriching experience for the student as all classes are taught in English.

Bible School applicants will not be required to verify academic credentials related to English language proficiency, but are rather assessed by way of the written application process and subsequent follow up phone calls/conversations and communication with the Bible School Registrar prior to acceptance. Based on these assessments, suitability for our programme will be determined and the applicant will be advised of their acceptance status.

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Capernwray Bible School students relaxing after Bible studies

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Capernwray Bible School students need to budget for post-secondary studies to attend

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