The Word Still Speaks
Silent Construction — Reverent Splendour

In building the temple, (1 Kings 6:7) only blocks dressed at the quarry were used and no hammer, no chisel nor any other iron tool was heard at the temple site while it was being built!

This is an amazing witness to the skills and capability of those builders! For what God commands, He equips! In order to build this temple so that it would be according to the engineering demands of God the Designer, the builders are strictly instructed to fabricate it with great caution... and far away from the actual construction site or it's final location! The whole thing was to be completely erected in reverent silence!

Ominous. God was in it all!

Not only that, the stones were not "just any stones and rocks" but "they brought great stones; costly stones; hewed stones ... to lay the foundation of the house! Eventually, the foundation may not even likely be the main attraction! However, its construction was to be as meticulously distinct as the building itself. (see 1 Kings 5:17) This is still how God builds His house now: that we are (each one) to be just as filled with His glory as each other, no matter at what stage we are in the construction process. This is His planning and His doing!

These huge and precious boulders, rocks and stones were quarried from limestone beds beneath the city and had to be fabricated and brought to the temple site, all ready to be laid in place. (1 Kings 5:18).

In unique beauty it was filled with splendour. In it's silent assembling it was filled with equal splendourl

This is a striking type of the spiritual temple now (as also then) being erected by the Holy Spirit of God as His residence. See Ephesians 2:19-22: "Consequently you are no longer foreigners and strangers, (ie: part of the quarry from which you were dug) but fellow citizens with God's people (rocks fitting together) and also members of HIS Household (ie: together having His beauty and splendour) ...built on the foundation ...with Jesus Christ Himself as the Chief Cornerstone (ie: the final "product" of God). HE builds and He holds it all together!

In this spiritual temple, each believer is a costly stone, carefully cut from the dark quarry of this world; silently placed by the Holy Spirit in the growing structure on the foundation of Jesus Christ. (1 Peter 2:4-5).


Charlie Fordham
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