The Word Still Speaks
Impressively Alive and Always Effective!

Whether weak or strong; tired or invigorated ...these are not the issues, for if God says to "do it", "say it" or "be it" then we know that in our obedience to Him, believing in Him and trusting Him ...He will become our Sufficiency in going forward, running the race, winning the prize and pleasing Him. This is His effective work in the long run.

In Romans 12, 13 and 14 He's given us a lot of very practical teaching along these lines in what is addressed to the church by words such as "worship" and "faith". The writer of the letter, Paul the Apostle, applies these truths to our private world; our involvement in the world of the church and in the arena of our work places: our public lives! We rediscover again and again that we not only have personal privilege but also personal responsibility amazing combination towards successful living!

Through the generations of history since Christ ascended to the Father after His crucifixion and resurrection ...and from where He will return... many of us have heard a lot about faith as well as worship ...yes, very valuable treasures of thoughts, words, speeches and readings! We can go to any of our "schools of higher learning" and acquire recognizable certification in various aspects of studies in both faith and worship but until it is actually both visible and tangible in our lives it remains as sterile information though packed with latent, powerfully effective Life: the Life of Christ! How then to "let God be God" in the realm of the experiential ...instead of only remaining in our heads? This will happen in the longer process of diligent, persistent perseverance in obedient faith. Not only do we see Him working in and through our own lives but in others with whom we mix; whom we serve; for whom we give our lives and materials; faithfully "working out (our) salvation" in daily living, in private as well as public. Marvelous!

In running down the road of life long enough to look back and reflect on the work of God in others' lives, its so encouraging to see His Life reproduced in theirs!

We live in a world that needs to see and hear faith and worship walking the hallways of our study and training centres; impacting the shops and business places in which we work; converting the paradigm of the industrial and commercial worlds with which we engage.

Many who are watching and listening long enough will also come to truly believe in Him, the One in Whom we put our faith; the One Whom we worship in ways explained in these chapters!

Certainly also the impact will be in the pews of our Churches, Bible Schools and Colleges –including also the arenas of daily living wherever that is in the marketplaces of the world in which we find ourselves! The origin and the essence of this transformational power is God Himself. The instruments He uses is you and me.

This is why God pleads with us to surrender our bodies as a living sacrifice as a most reasonable service of worship.

It all must commence on the inside of each one who would like to be an "effective person of faith and worship"! It can be a reality! It cannot however happen if the source is merely our best efforts to change our external behavioural patterns though those too will change. Let's carefully and honestly consider the origins of what we consider to be acceptable faith in ...and worship to God!

I hope you will read and think carefully of this "faith driven evidence" of true worship!

God invites you to join Him in the venture that never ends -and for which we humans were originally intended to have: much more than just "religious lifestyles".

Because this news is "of" God and it is "from" GOD it will happen!

The Word STILL let Him!

Charlie Fordham
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