The Word Speaks

"Don’t Forget to Remember! - the Unchanging One!"

In Deuteronomy 1: 29 – 31 Moses reminds the Children of Israel of the past ...when hind sight can be such a great teacher! In so many words, Moses tells them:
"don't forget to remember!"

...drawing their attention to the way their God -their Heavenly Father had actually been responsible for delivering them for the torment of their oppressors AND from every oppressor along the way in which they'd never been before ...he said:
"... I told you, don't be terrified; don't be afraid of them! "The LORD your God ... going before you (in other words, He's there before you get there) ...He will fight for you as He did when you were enslaved in Egypt.
* He is for YOU!
Don't forget to remember!

Moses reminds them as God reminds us today:
He delivered you before your very eyes (in other words out of your present predicament) -and also, he says " those trackless desert lands"! In other words, in those times of our lives at which we can look back and honestly admit that we didn't really know what we were doing nor where we were going nor how we'd even make it!
-He did it!
Don't forget to remember!

Moses reminds them "there" they saw (...they personally witnessed) that the LORD their God carried them as a father carries his little child! "ALL the way" says Moses ‘til you reached "this place"!
So, Don't forget to remember!

------ The same is for us as for them "this place" is
-the place you're at today!
-the place you were at yesterday...
-the place you were at 20 years ago (40 ...or 50 ?)
-the place you'll be tomorrow
-the place you'll be every day
-the place in which you'll be ahead of you go "home" or when He comes in the air to take you home -whichever way is first! He's always carrying you!
Don't forget to remember!


He has never changed... He is the same today as then! He will not change. He is as faithful to you now as when He called you -in that "place you were at" when He called you to Himself.
Don't forget to remember!


Now ...we know that "the place (of rest)" was not merely about a geographical place since that's what the writer to the Hebrews makes clear in Hebrews Ch.4. *However, it certainly involves a geographical place tho' it's not the real issue! -He doesn't do His work in a "void" ... place of emptiness but in people in a place of tangible land.
-"this place" -in truth -in principle- is "where you're at with Him today" as He has and will continue to carry you in your "places" ahead of you.
Don't forget to remember!

Trust Him with all your heart and He'll continue to bless you abundantly, that thru you too, others will come to believe in Him as they witness His Life in and thru you
...that they too may learn how He wants to carry them too – that in "every place" they go, His Divinity may be seen in their humanity:
-not our skill but His;
-not our ability but His;
-not our wisdom but His;
-not our work but His;
-not our salvation but His.
Don't forget to remember!

This is the work of God!
Don't forget to remember!

Go onwards enjoying His Life
...Trusting only in Him
...rejoicing in all that He is!


The Word Still Speaks
(and calls out to you)

If you have any questions, OR you'd just like to tell me something of what you think about what I've written above ...please write to me by email.
-Let me know where you live ...the city and the country:
I'll be glad to answer you. Thank you. Keep on Believing.

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