Prophetic Encouragement
The Word Speaks. Isaiah 7:1 - 14

Prophetic Encouragement The Word Speaks Isaiah 7:1 - 14 "Therefore the LORD Himself will give you a sign...

"The LORD made this strong statement to King Ahaz about something He Himself would do for His people whether or not they believed; whether or not they trusted Him; whether they were righteous or evil! It was to be a sign which attested to His authenticity! We find in the New Testament that these things were recorded for our sakes too! While we have this recorded as historical facts, often we seem to have as much difficulty in believing in Him as they had then to believe in Him!

We read in Isaiah ch.7, the news terrorizing them, evidently was not the real issue! Firstly, they didn't see things from God's perspective and secondly their greatest danger was not human threats, but their unbelief!

They were paralyzed by fear of threats of their human enemy who would lose anyway! Their vision was blurred and even blinded through fearing the circumstances which they could see and not trusting God Whom they could not see! Unbelief of the LORD is infinitely worse than any human enemy of God ...the latter being a defeated foe!

In the LORD's merciful care He took initiative to proclaim through Isaiah this firm message but with an ultimatum: -trust Him or truly not last! The 2nd problem would be worse than the 1st, says God as He sternly tells them that if they wouldn't believe, then they surely would not make it!

In Vs.2 -the hearts of the King & his people "shook as the trees of the forest shake with the wind" amazing description of terror!

It was not merely a matter of remaining calm and confident; maintaining a positive outlook! It was a matter of being calm and confident as a result of believing the reality of God's Holy and powerful Presence with them to shatter the enemy! Faith in Him would allow His enabling to become an experiential reality to them! Vs.9 The LORD said to Ahaz "Take care and be calm. Have no fear and do not be fainthearted because of these ... if you will not believe, you surely shall not last."

* They "forgot to remember" that the enemy is a loser, not a winner. If you are related to the LORD, He has a grip on your life too! He won't let go! Listen to Him speaking to your heart and believe Him. He is surely reliable. He is FOR YOU! Will you believe? Tell Him now! If you've never placed your faith in Him, do that now!

The Lord Jesus Christ Himself is that Word of Hope and... that "Word STILL Speaks" you!

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