Stronger than Satan to God!
The Word STILL Speaks.

Greatest opportunities could be hidden from our sight if they are only to be found in our strengths or our strong moments! Listen to this about Jesus Christ from the first few verses of Luke Ch. 4. Being full of the Holy Spirit Jesus returned from the Jordan river and was led around by the Spirit in the wilderness -40 days, tempted by the devil.

We don't have any further detail on what Jesus did and where exactly He went ...nor even where He slept, but we do know that He was resisting the devil's temptations all the while. This was evidence (as Luke puts it) of being "full of the Holy Spirit" and being "led" by the Spirit ...not "just" wandering around. Even in the midst of the emptiness of surroundings and aloneness of wilderness wandering, there was the overcoming power of God day and night.

We're told that He ate nothing during those days, and when they had ended, He became hungry ...of course. Was He not hungry during that whole time? For sure ...but as on another occasion, even the persuasion of physical appetite was small in contrast to the greatness of the Holy Spirit's Presence and filling! Then ...perhaps Luke says "then, He became hungry" signifying that now for whatever reasons in His weakness of hunger being outstanding, the devil tempts Him to follow His appetite and do it the easy way ...making stones become bread. This in itself was not necessarily what was wrong but what made it wrong was that His Heavenly Father had not given the lead, the devil had!

The devil then took Him up and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time saying that all this domain and its glory was his to give and he offered it to Jesus conditionally: "... if You worship before me, it shall all be Yours." Jesus answered him, "It is written, ‘YOU SHALL WORSHIP THE LORD YOUR GOD AND SERVE HIM ONLY.'"

The 2nd outstandingly powerful resistance against the devil. This too took the filling of the Holy Spirit to know even that in owning all the kingdoms of the earth was not what was wrong but that the kingdoms were not the devil's to give in response to Jesus worship but that GOD had said nobody was to be worshiped other than Himself and even then it's no shortcut to owning the glory of riches!

Then the devil led Him to Jerusalem to stand on the pinnacle of the temple challenging Him to presumptuously jump off and God would give physical protection to Him! Yet again, whilst the devil quoted scripture about physical protection, it was downright sin to take up the challenge of "trusting God to keep His promise" when it was not HE Who was giving the lead but the devil! This is not just a series of shrewd answers Jesus is grabbing from the Scriptures but rather the powerful evidence of the filling of the Holy Spirit in such a way that the devil was defeated on every invitation and challenge! This would be to "test" God *not "trust" God. That would be sin and failure!

Jesus was resisting the devil's temptations ...not simply arguing "scripture against scripture"! This was a battle to be won ...not simply verbal debate! These 3 temptations are exactly how the devil tempts us too ...and for which reason we too each need the Holy Spirit to empower us to show His strength in our weakness ...for it is not really "our weakness that is weakness" but in listening to Him, trusting Him in obedience to Him that our lives become a living witness of His indwelling, resurrection Life!

In the same ways he tempts us too to build and store up these same things:
provision, power and protection but it's precisely in these things that Jesus resisted through the Holy Spirit!
Are these what obsess us or is there the peace of God transcending the worries of temporal things? Anyway, He's going to supply all this and more as "addition" Jesus says! God is our Heavenly Father whether we trust or not why not? This will be to win the war!
These things don't look wrong so think carefully what they mean to you as the application often differs while temptation is the same. The devil's tactics don't change ...just the context.
Yes... the devil still looks for every opportunity to tempt us too. Just as we see in Jesus' life, so it is in ours that we will be capable of resisting even the devil himself - though he may leave us alone only to return on another occasion for which he will look "an opportune time" to tempt us yet again and again ...and again ...but we can win again and again and again!

These situations will be our opportunities too to let the Holy Spirit fill us in the powerful resisting wisdom, strength and capacity which can only come from God Himself as we listen to Him in the Scriptures that we may obey Him always and in all ways! Victory is yours in outstanding ways and always through Him.
The Word still speaks! Keep listening!
Others who watch and hear you will learn to trust Him too!

If you have any questions, OR you'd just like to tell me something of what you think about what I've written above ...please write to me by email.
-Make sure to let me know the country in which you live and something about yourself as I’d like to respond to you personally.
I'll be glad to answer you. Thank you. Keep on Believing.

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