Your "FOREVER Value" to God!
The Word STILL Speaks.

Now, listen to these amazing declarations by the LORD to His People: from Malachi and then from other portions of God's written Word. "... they shall be Mine, says Jehovah of Hosts, in that day when I make up My jewels...." (Malachi 3:17)

Instead of the jewels being set into a crown or some other type of jewelry for display (as we may do with jewels which are precious to us on this earth) THESE jewels will be "listed" in a very special book!

In verse 16 we read that a "book of remembrance" was written ...all about those that feared Jehovah ...those who thought on His name: His character, His Being and His ways!)

Wow! What an amazing place of special honour: a special book of GOD's memories which He delights and upon which He sets an eternal value! This is the "forever value" He places on your life if related to Him!

Be encouraged that while often we may work and live unnoticed and feel undervalued ...or even "valued only as mundane" and "ordinary" yet God Himself takes special note of our times of spiritual fellowship with other believers because of our fellowship with Him ...especially, no doubt, when they occur during times of stress, distress and worldly opposition.

Yes, Jehovah says that these "forever valuable Jewels" are actual people and women, boys and girls ...old and young: "those who "feared the LORD" and "spoke often to one another".

In Psalm 135:4 Jehovah asserts: this treasure is carefully guarded in a safe place - Himself! In Deuteronomy 7:6 He talks about securing this valuable treasure "to Himself"! How much more secure can you be?

The Apostle Paul affirms in one of his letters that nobody and no combination of forces can separate you from this love of God!
Trust Him and forge onwards! He is there AND with you in it all!

The Word STILL Speaks
...yes, of your eternal, "forever value" to Him!


If you have any questions, OR you'd just like to tell me something of what you think about what I've written above ...please write to me by email.
-Make sure to let me know the country in which you live and something about yourself as I’d like to respond to you personally.
I'll be glad to answer you. Thank you. Keep on Believing.

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