The Word Still Speaks!
The Mountain of Blessing
...can be the Place of Stoppage!
Deuteronomy 1

In Deuteronomy chapter 1, God's message to His children was "You have been at this mountain long enough" ...while they wandered they grumbled. Oh yes... grumbling was easy when not thankful ...thankful to Him Who had delivered them and now also instructed and protected them from evil!

In some ways, God was not so much scolding them as was rather longing for them to get to the place in their lives where they would enjoy His loving generosity that He had planned for them right from the beginning!

As we read in this passage of God's Word they were only 11 days' journey to the place God was taking them ...which He had provided and prepared for them.

They took about 40 years to get there!

Well, when we read that story's pretty easy to see that scenario as ridiculous.

- However, the Word speaks to us that those lessons to "them" are for our good! we too need to learn the same lesson over and over again in our own lives! What we know in our heads is not enough. We could "get stuck at the mountain"! Maybe God is speaking this lesson into our own hearts even today: the great lesson from this sad event, that we must "learn to lovingly and humbly surrender in obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour, our Lord and our Life".

As "Saviour" we love Him and want Him.
As "Lord" we love Him and want Him? Ahhh ...this runs contrary to our "flesh".
As "Life" ...we long for Him and want Him but will never find Him in fullness unless we do indeed surrender in quiet humility: quietly and humbly ...submissively ...deep in our souls!

He longs to fulfill His provision and promise to us of His abundant Life if only we will come to Him on His terms!

We know the theory all too well.
The fruit of joy and peace, confidence and security is what comes when we are humbly submissive in obedience to Him, loving "each other fervently" as scripture teaches us. This is the fruit of true love for Christ.

Let's seek to find moment by moment, daily rest in Him!

It was for sure "the mountain of blessing" but they were not to stay camped there but to move onwards!
Are we stuck too?

The Word Still Speaks!

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