The Word Speaks

"Not Quite Ready?"

As Jesus was walking beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon called Peter (as Jesus named him that ...signifying his renewed character!) ... his brother named Andrew.

"Come!" (shouted Jesus) "follow me. I will send you out to fish for people." Now for them, "fishing" was not a weekend sport as for countless others nowadays. It was their bread and butter. It was their payments to a house, a shed or more fishing boats and tools for the trade!

Perhaps the thoughts did go through their heads "What d'you mean? Just get up and go? Leave all this stuff behind? What about food and drink... my family, wife and kids ...and parents back home? Where is He going and when will we return? Just LEAVE all this and follow Him! Follow this ...mmmmm ....who IS He anyway?

Well ...the story goes on...

They left their nets, boats, tackle and the "whole shabang" ...right where it was! Immediately they ‘just up and left'! I wonder what any buddies, onlookers and colleagues thought about that? Likely (if the colloquialism had been around at the time they would have said something like "Whatever!" Yes, the scripture says "At once they left their nets and followed Him."

Another observation: follow me on this now. Many who were in the crowd wandering after Jesus, even as it is today, still ...people benefiting from His healings and feedings and perhaps mesmerized by teachings... this plain man from a nowhere town, in ordinary clothes and sandled feet, with no more than a menial skill yet somehow carrying in His person the poise the confidence and aura of Whom He REALLY was ...the man from God ...Who really IS God in flesh and blood ...never seen nor heard before but certainly and distinctly different! Yet ...these intrigued and benefited wandering followers couldn't even get themselves to go home to have supper but kept following ...just like the 2: Peter and Andrew ...they STILL are "not all, quite ready " to truly follow Him ...well ...not wholeheartedly anyway!

Firstly, they needed to follow Him ...THEN he would make them fishers of men! He had nothing to prove ...yet they had everything to gain! Maybe you know what that's like from time to time ...or even maybe all the time!?

Listen, Jesus did not choose them for their intellect; their "skill set" nor their experience ...because "professional fishermen of that day were simple people".
- He also did not chose them for their maturity.

* Jesus was about to redefine what fishing really meant to these experienced fishermen.

Still today, it's not our "skill set" or even our maturity through experience that counts but simply our obedience when we hear the call! In total dependence and availability we step forward, one step at a time to walk by faith keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus ...Who not only starts you out on the walk of faith but is surely faithful to complete the walk, the run, the fight, and take us where He's going ...productivity all the way! God recreated us to live on this earth in "victory" which would be in every step of this hilarious adventure of walking by His Spirit, knowing that we never have to know the way when we know Him Who IS the Way!

There's no prerequisite of human qualifications to know His miraculous work in and through your life!
If you will "follow" Him implicitly; thrusting the entire weight of your personality on Him since you are His personal concern, He'll never let go of you and will continue to share with you such a quality of Life that can only be reasonably explained in terms of God Himself... the Lord Jesus Christ Who indwells you!
Follow Him.
He will make you... multiply your intake...
He will rest you ...instead of you driving your brain and soul to figure how you can be benefited more and reach more and convert more and live more and enjoy more!
NOoooo! He wants to be your Source as well as Suffiency!
It has to be both from Him and of Him!
Will you let Him ...meaning "to follow" Him?
This experience may be new to you yet the words may be very familiar.
- Or are you still "pushing" the plan! "Follow" me He said ...not "do it for me"!
What liberation is yours if you will "let Him".
Is it "one day... sometime in the future" for you? Are you "not quite ready ...yet"?
Still pushing and striving? Maybe insecure as to how to change?
"Come to Me" says the Lord Jesus.
"Follow Me" says the Lord Jesus.
"Believe in Me" says the Lord Jesus.
You'll be filled and "gushing over". (see Jn.7)
You'll be hauling "it" in! (see Matt.4)
Don't be "anxious" ...or you'll miss the more important! (see Lu.10)
Why not follow Him and let Him fill the nets? (Matt.4)
He will do it! That's what He says! He's the Truth you know!
Or: not quite ready?
When will the "right time" be? – you're right time can be too late!
I urge you: follow Him now. Tell Him you want to and will continue!
He will fully embrace you. You'll never loose sight nor the sense of His Presence.
Follow Him and He will make you fishers of men!


The Word Still Speaks
(and calls out to you)

If you have any questions, OR you'd just like to tell me something of what you think about what I've written above ...please write to me by email.
-Let me know where you live ...the city and the country:
I'll be glad to answer you. Thank you. Keep on Believing.

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