The Word Still Speaks!

Living Effectively!

On all sorts of levels of daily living, in the home, in the job place, whether with "friends" or "enemies" our flesh is challenged and even threatened from feeling like we're either ineffective or just plain getting there!

For various reasons when this starts to happen we have a tendency to either compensate for increased activity, harder work or switching things 'round (where its in our power to do so) ...hoping or even expecting that these structural changes will actually result in increased effectiveness.

The sad part of the scene is really that our Lord Jesus says there are principles, that if applied, though tough to do ...will give the end result in "true effectiveness" ...regaining maybe what we once had or even thought or hoped to have!


I don't know where you walk in this realm but as I've said before, the Word of God speaks to our hearts and to our minds through the Spirit of God convicting us of what we need to do and not do.
- It is most often with regards to what most call "relationships" and one cannot read the Gospel accounts without hearing the Lord Jesus Christ confront people (us?) on almost every "issue of daily living" ...offering us more effective living! This will be seen in reproduction of His likeness; His peace and joy in the labours of life; His wisdom in reading His Word and knowing Him; believing in Him; obeying Him; letting others see in the long haul His Life and love in every aspect of living every day! He desires this; has planned and provided for it.

Let's read His Word and listen to what He wants to work out through our obedience in trusting Him to be all that we need in our equipping to be effective in tasks set before us!

The Lord Jesus made no offers to "solve" ineffectiveness ...nor did He suggest any sudden Divine intervention!

He does give instructions.

Christians still consumed with "decision making" must hear Jesus' teaching of "instructions to obey" not merely "decision to make"! Jesus poses to His disciples (Matt.5:13) an impossible condition:
*salt losing its effectiveness!
     - The answer is not in adding more saltless salt!
     - In fact could salt become saltless in the first place?
     - Never mind!
     - It is possible for "saltless salt" to regain effectiveness!
The question Jesus asks is without even a suggestion of a solution to the predicament!

Jesus' detailed instructions to dissolve those things in our lives which have become barriers to effective living are clear.
Read Matt.5:21-48!
He just "rolled them out"
No stopping.
No discussion!


Obedience to Him while trusting in Him results in what never could otherwise happen... PLUS's practical & beneficial to all!

Herein is Rest:
Our works for Him ... exchanged for His through us!


If you have any questions, OR you'd just like to tell me something of what you think about what I've written above ...please write to me by email.
-Let me know where you live ...the city and the country:
I'll be glad to answer you. Thank you. Keep on Believing.

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